Feels like I am continually the bubble

Joshua BJoshua B Red Chipper Posts: 127 ✭✭
Hey guys,

feeling frustrated. I have been playing $1-$2 tourneys online and am really starting to get frustrated. It feels like if I don't run well or play bad I bust out early. If I play well or run well I end up the bubble. These include 90 and 180 person sng. Most books I have read and studied for tourney strategy is that they generally advise against aim for min cash.

The last tournament I busted out of was a $2 turbo with a few hundred players. I had 11bb left with 2 players on the bubble. One 34vpip player just went through 3 double ups from short stack to become chip leader. Since then each time I raised, he would put me all in, even though when he started 3beting me I had about 35bb. 7 hands straight he just shoved all in.

As I said I had 11 bb on btn and villain was BB.

Hero has :Kh:Qh and is first to open with raise 2.5bb
Villain as he has done for the last 7 hands shoves all in Hero calls
Villain turn :As:6c and hits a 6 on flop.

Should I start aiming for min cash instead?


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