Thoughts about river bet sizing here?

SaintsTigersSaintsTigers Red Chipper Posts: 238 ✭✭
Bovada/Ignition | $30.00 + $3.00 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - 30,000/60,000 6,000 Ante - 4 players
Hand #3447619845 - delivered by Pokeit

BTN Seat 754: 1,030,212 (17.2 bb)
UTG Seat 469: 831,024 (13.9 bb)
BB Seat 245: 1,554,014 (25.9 bb)
SB Hero: 3,214,750 (53.6 bb)

Pre-Flop: (114,000) Hero (Hero) is SB with A♦ T♥
2 players fold, Hero calls 30,000, Seat 245 checks

Flop: 7♥ A♠ A♣ (144,000) (2 players)
Hero checks, Seat 245 bets 60,000, Hero calls 60,000

Turn: T♣ (264,000) (2 players)
Hero checks, Seat 245 bets 60,000, Hero raises 180,000 to 240,000, Seat 245 calls 180,000

River: Q♦ (744,000) (2 players)
Hero bets 744,000, Seat 245 folds

In game I made a pot sized bet targeting the case ace, on the rationale that he had already called a reasonably sized check raise so his range should contain a good chunk of aces. Also, we were down to the last 4 players so I went for it.

Post game I realize he could've called the turn with a decent amount of one pair type hands. He might think it's really hard for me to have an ace. Also, I recognize that it's really hard for him to have any of the big aces since he likely would've raised pf. I'm not sure how he would've played weak aces pf.

So which bet would you go for on the river, one designed to target a bluff catcher/showdown value type hand or a big second best hand? How would you size it?


  • David Kimweli Jr.David Kimweli Jr. Red Chipper Posts: 161
    edited September 2016
    In tournaments its probably better to bet smaller on the river and slowly chip away at their stacks. The structure also matters a lot because if there's a big pay jump between 4 & 3 the villain in the BB might fold just about everything except boats to preserve his chip position. The :Qd might also scare him since it's just another over card to his pair or 7's. The BB had about 1.2 left OTR. I wouldn't bet more than a 1/3'rd of his stack and probably less, about 300- 350k.
  • SaintsTigersSaintsTigers Red Chipper Posts: 238 ✭✭
    I definitely should've focused more on his stack size when choosing the bet size. I'd been playing a ton of live cash before that tournament so I was used to people not worrying as much about getting stacked.

    And I need to work more on playing pay jump spots. Here there was like a $500 pay jump between 3rd & 4th, followed by an $800 pay jump between 2nd & 3rd then a $1,200 pay jump between 1st & 2nd. What would your default plan be as far as bet sizing (bluffs and value bets)?

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