Hand Reading Workbook Questions

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I just received my Hand Reading Workbook in the mail and will be going into deep study mode soon. It's probably the first time I've had homework since college...so that should be interesting. That being said, I have some questions for those that have went through the workbook so I can maximize my absorption of the material.
  1. I really hadn't planned to purchase Flopzilla. However, I can see how integrated the homework is with the software. I'm assuming this software is a must buy to get all I can out of the material. Am I correct? I hate to spend more money but if it's necessary to learn, I'm all in.
  2. Are there any how to resources on how to approach the workbook? Splitsuit pointed to a video on Flopzilla that looks like a must. Is there anything else that I'm missing?
  3. Is there a discussion thread for each hand? Or are there only certain hands that need to be discussed? Did everyone find themselves working on the problems in isolation or did you feel like you needed to check your thought on each problem? I realize that there are no solutions to the problems by design. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with that, but we'll see.
  4. Are there any other tips you can recommend? Is there anything you would have done different before I begin?


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    1. Flopzilla or other hand analysis software such as Poker Cruncher is extremely helpful to completing the exercises. I would say purchasing the software is worth it since helps to analyze poker situations you encounter.
    2. The book is explained and laid out well. There are explanations at the beginning of each of the sections. If you purchase Flopzilla, SplitSuit's video is very helpful.
    3. Yes, there are threads for each hand. Just put in the hand# in the search box of the forum and you can find discussions. I worked on the problems on my own but it was good to see how others approached the same problems.
    4. I found that it took me a long time to go through each problem. I'm still not done with the entire book but my advice would be to stick with it and complete it. The book is extremely helpful in getting you to think about how to handle situations.
  • BoilerAceBoilerAce Red Chipper Posts: 458 ✭✭✭
    I didn't put in the Hand number, I entered "Hand workbook". Now I see the hands. Thanks. I hoping this workbook actually gets me to start reading hands naturally. If it does, it will be worth the $100.
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    This video might help quite a bit ;)


    And you can grab the templates here: http://www.splitsuit.com/templates (it's a name your own price and $0 is an option =) )
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