More than one action on a street flopzilla anomaly

tfaziotfazio Red Chipper Posts: 819 ✭✭✭
James, If we Cbet on the flop, heads up after being checked to and get check raised
and then go all in.
Say our Cbet Range is 67%, 112 combos of 167
When we get check raised and go all in, since it is not a new street, we edit the cbetting range in flopzilla to represent the new range we are going all in with.
The new range would be 36 combos of 167 or 22%
However would it be more correct to say that we are Cbetting 67% 112/167 combos
and going All in with 36 combos of "12" combos or 32%. I believe that is more accurate.
Unfortunately I don't think flopzilla will give us the correct % if we adjust the previous cbetting range without going to a new street.
I guess what I am asking is what percent would you like to see as the % flopzilla gives us is not correct. Am I understanding this incorrectly.


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