054 - Playing From the Blinds

This week, @MikeGano drops by to promote his upcoming webinar and discuss his history playing poker, coaching students, and specifically, playing from the blinds.

It's a fascinating deep dive on small blind and big blind play, and we hope you listen and share your thoughts in this thread.
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  • tfaziotfazio Red Chipper Posts: 819 ✭✭✭
    Just a reminder Mike will host a seminar this Sunday 12 pm est
  • El LadnamEl Ladnam Red Chipper Posts: 37
    This week, @MikeGano drops by to promote his upcoming webinar

    Yeah. Podcast 054 was pure advertisement
  • tfaziotfazio Red Chipper Posts: 819 ✭✭✭
    Podcast is today 12 pm EST.
    I have watched some of Mikes content and I think he has a lot to say.
    The podcast was great and contained a lot of insight as well as peaked interest for those of you that are inclined to attend.

    As far as self promotion I think is great. Thanks to all the coaches here that provide the excellent content we enjoy as RCP members as well as Value added stuff we pay a little extra for. We all gotta eat.

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