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Things I can work on
Hi everyone, this is my first post. Ive been playing mainly free online poker for a year or so after learning to play with a few colleagues after work. For the last year I didnt really think of strategy at all but after playing in a little 25 people 15£ buy in tournament at my local cricket club I realised the difference in players and wanted to improve. Im starting to read about and get some information. Ive been playing live every night with two friends for a few pounds a night.I plan to play a little online for small cash eventually, just casually. But for now I just want to learn how to be a better player. I just wondered what the best thing to do for someone who knows how to play but wants to improve and become better. I hope this is in the righr place and apologies its long. I also havent lots of spare money atbthe moment but will do soon so free information routes wouldbe great, sorry to sound like im begging.


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    Welcome to party. A tons of goody.
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    this is the right place, for sure....welcome to the club ! :)
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    Welcome to the party!
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    rossbayes wrote: »
    I just wondered what the best thing to do for someone who knows how to play but wants to improve and become better. ... I also havent lots of spare money at the moment but will do soon so free information routes would be great...
    no prob Ross - we all started there.
    I believe the podcasts and articles are free.
    They're a great place to start.

    I also think SplitSuit has a YouTube.com channel with TONS of very informative poker videos that talks about everything from pot odds to set mining... etc.
    If it's not on a youtube channel - I think there's a site called Poker Bank that has a bunch of free stuff there.

    speaking of you tube - there a bunch of great free vids there - some from Phil Galfond called "Philosophy" that I highly recommend.

    As you've discovered - these forums are free and full of great advice/info.
    Post trouble hands or spots, and challenge us to find the best answers.

    I will caution you that playing with friends and in home games are going to be a totally different animal than playing online or in a casino vs. friends. Be very careful not to pick up "bad habits" that allow you to win money against your friends that can easily be exploited in the real world. (I know you're going to want to ask me what they are, and I honestly can't tell you - but I remember picking them up as I progressed and they caused me problems later.)

    there are a lot of free poker books available on the internet.... the easiest way to find them is to search google with the name of the book followed by "pdf"
    some books are old and outdated - but many goods ones can still be found.

    hope this helps.
    good luck on your journey.
    run good.
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    Thanks for the advice ill have a look, poker bank sounds great

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