How to punt your stack...easy...just try to get someone of top pair

bardorodeobardorodeo Red Chipper Posts: 32
When will I learn. I punted my stack trying to get a weak player off of their one pair hand.

I opened from middle position with :Ac :7c and a bet of 3,000 with blinds of 600 / 1200 and a starting stack of 58,000. Folds to big blind a new player at the table (woman, 50'sh, I haven't seen her play a hand yet but I think she is a ABC player) She calls with a stack of about 80,000.

Flop is :Ah :Ts :3d

She checks and I bet 3,500 and she calls.

Turn is :3c

She bets 5,500 and I re-raise to 15,000.

River is a :6c

She bets enough to put me allin. I call and lose to :Ah :Jc

I made a crying cal and actually knew I was behind and and was angry at myself for not being able to get her to fold. I thought she was good enough to avoid playing a big pot out of position with only one pair. Even if was top pair. I could easily have had a better kicker, two pair, and even a full house.

My mistake to try and bluff a calling station early in a tournament.



  • eugeniusjreugeniusjr Red Chipper Posts: 423 ✭✭✭
    A snowball rolling down a hill.

    I think you should fold pre-flop from MP here. It's more of a CO/BTN hand to steal with as you block Ax combos.

    As played, I think you should check the flop. You need more worse hands than better to call your bet and that is not happening here. Then call the turn and fold to a river bet.

    On the turn, this looks like a value hand that doesn't want to see a check. What is the purpose of your raise? (I think I know why you raised.)

    This hand gets worse and worse.

    You said you don;t know her, then you say you think she is not good enough to play a big pot oop with a one pair hand. This implies that you think she is bluffing or has the nuts here. Since you called you are making the statement that she is bluffing often enough here. Which is it? Do you know her or not?
  • bardorodeobardorodeo Red Chipper Posts: 32
    Agreed it was terrible play by me. I didn't know this person. My first impression was that she was a woman playing poker in her early fifties, she is tired of young guys trying to push her around and bully her at the poker table. So why did I think I was "good enough" to get her to fold a top pair / weak kicker hand? (very unlikely as we weren't in the money yet, her body language was telling me that she was not going to fold / be pushed around, and she wanted to establish an image of not being able to be pushed around). It was my ego of wanting to "outplay" a new person at the table. It was a strategically bad tactic as I had an OK stack of over 35 big blinds to start the hand.

    The hand before I lost 25% of my stack when a short-stack shoved over the top of my open with AK off suit with QQ's. I hit my K but lost to their set of Q's. This was going on in the back of my mind as I wanted to try and get those chips back and get a stack back up to over 60 big blinds to stay competitive.

    I should have gotten up and taken a small break to re-focus and calm down from that hand. I wasn't tilting outwardly with any emotional response, but it certainly affected how I chose to play the A7 hand.

    I was pretty upset with myself and how I played. I wasted a chance to bag up chips with only 3 more levels to play. I had played very well for 8 levels and then this bad play sent me to the rail. Hopefully I learn from this.

  • eugeniusjreugeniusjr Red Chipper Posts: 423 ✭✭✭
    I agree. I think you raised due to what Tendler calls entitlement tilt. You wanted it, you desired it, and those emotions overrode your judgment of the correct play there.

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