Hi, I'm Fabrice

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My name is Fabrice. I'm 31yo Swiss, actually living in Dublin (sabbatical). Preferred game: Live NLHE full ring (1-2$ for my bankroll). I've chosen Dublin for its European reputation for poker. I wish to improve my poker skills and, at best, to become semi pro.

I've been one of the best playing with my friends, but with strong leaks (kinda A-Fish) as I'm usually able to grind during hours and then losing everything and more on 1-2 very big blunder. To improve my game I follow the videos of @SplitSuit (great job!) and Jonathan Little. My 1st priority is hand reading: I've registered to The Hand Reading Lab and currently working a lot of The Poker Workbook Hand Reading. Flopzilla is really helping too to understand and handle ranges.

After 3 weeks of intensive poker learning (podcast/video/exercises/forum) I feel ready to hit the poker room next door.


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