Hand 2; dope-ass strategies against 'super spewy' players

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I just got the workbook and am headed through it a hand a day. But day 2's hand is pretty cool and I wonder how many people actively consider this in their games.

The villain is calling our raise in the blinds and is labeled as 'super spewy'. When I took my time and thought about this hand I realized the most profitable way to play my range here is to play down to and bluff a lot of rivers. Is this a consideration for a lot of y'all?

To spell it out, if you realize a player is flatting wide preflop, continuing wide on the flop and turn, will you barrel down to the river to attack their huge frequency shift on the river? On a board of :Jh:8s:4c:Jc:3s , will you barrel your whole range on this turn against your average 'super spewy' player? Do you decide to choose certain hands to bet the turn with and check others in order to protect against check-raises down the line? Which hands do you choose?

Pretty hypothetical, but I just found this interesting. Cool new book so far, @splitsuit!


  • ArtArtBobartArtArtBobart Red Chipper Posts: 356 ✭✭
    When I did this problem several months back, my preflop open range was:

    66+, A2s+, AJ+, K9s+, KQ, QTs+, J9s, JTs, 76s+.

    On the flop I c-bet pocket pairs below top pair or better, OESD, Gutshots, and overcards. This was about 60% of my previous range.

    On the turn I checked back overpairs and TT (in retrospect I'm not sure why I did this vs a spewy player) and bet trips+, flush and straight draws. This was 30% of my previous range.

    By the river I was betting pocket pairs below top pair and better. I had no bluffs, thought in retrospect I see I need some bluffs for a third barrel. I'll need to revisit this problem.

    P.S. Looking forward to seeing you at Solve For Why next month. Feel free to mock my play then :)

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