Nit Recovery Program: the thin line between nitty and smart?

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I've been persuaded by Doug Hull's "Nit Recovery Program" that I need to mix up my play a bit and up the aggression in my game, which has traditionally been tight-aggressive, possibly a bit too tight at times.

But one thing I struggle with is the tension between not folding as many hands postflop where I may be leaving value on the table and not leaking chips by sticking around too long with medium-strength hands.

When I review my hands, the biggest leak I see are hands where I've stacked off with a big overpair. Too often, I've gone down with a big overpair when I think I can beat a villain's range and guess wrong. On the other hand, I suspect I'm losing money postflop in other hands when I may have the best hand but fold to an aggressive bet or raise on the turn. The solutions to these problems seem to point in opposite directions.

Here's an example from a hand at a local $1/$3 game. I have about $200 and the villain has me covered. He's the big stack at the table, has been running super hot, and has been playing any two cards for the last hour. He's gambled on huge pots with top pair or draws.

I'm on the button with :Ks:Kh. Life is good. Three limpers. I raise to $15. Villain calls from the SB. Someone in MP calls. Pot = $54

Flop comes :Td:4h:3c. Villain checks. I bet $35. Villain calls. MP folds.

Turn is :8s. Pot = $124. Villain checks. I bet $70. Villain shoves. Given what I'd seen him do, all night, I felt like he could be doing this with top pair, any pocket pair, a straight straw. Two pair was possible, but less likely. Overall though, I feel like I beat most of his range, including air. I have about $80 left and call.

He shows 44 for the set. No miracles save me on the river.

So was did I play this badly and make the common mistake of stacking off with a big pair? Or did I just get unlucky and run into him when he actually was at the better end of his range?

[Apologies in advance; I'm guessing this is a TL;DR post]


  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    I snap there with KK. :-)

    It's more about constructing a solid range in spots.
    Once you do that then Don't worry so much about the coolers- they all washes.
    We aren't trying to make the more nitty fold then they next guy. We trying to max out value.
  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,857 -
    At some point I just told myself not to feel bad about stacking off to sets in spots like this. It happens. Sometimes you are the set, sometimes you are the over pair. Try to have a shallower stack when you are the over pair and deepr stacks when you are the set!

    Sometimes the right play is to go broke.

    Well done!
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