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Big winners are big studiers. And now studying between sessions has never been easier…

You already know that you need to study between sessions. But what should you study? How should you do it? The new workbook is that exact answer for 6max players. Complete with 40 unique exercises, you will explore your own ranges (hint: you’ll find the spots where you are folding too often), your opponent’s ranges (hint: you’ll find a lot of extra spots where you can bluff with impunity), and even range vs range situations (a must-study when you move up into reg-infested games).

This workbook is laid out in an intuitive way to help you study, build the guiding questions and framework that you actually use in real-time, and start assigning the right ranges FAR more often. Make it your goal to just do 1 exercise per day and start seeing how much easier it is to put your opponent on a precise range - and then exploit their range with ease.

On top of the workbook, use the dedicated forum to share answers with other 6max players. This is the best way to see what ranges other players are assigning, how your ranges stack up, and breakdown the strategy on each street. The students that get the most out of these workbooks, tend to use these forums - so don’t hesitate to pop in even if you aren’t 100% confident in your answers yet. The interaction and discussion are what will create the biggest progression in your hand reading skills.

Get your copy today and if you are super serious - make sure to checkout the Power Pack complete with 10 videos where 6max professionals share their answers and process for doing this workbook.

Study hard, win more, easy game!
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