How to improve in-game notes?

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Hello, at it's most basic, I would like a comment(s) on the quality of the notes I took at a table last night.
What I desire:
Your opinion on my notes, what do I need to do better/different (as far as note taking is concerned)

This is long, but it was a 5-hour session.

This is a 1-2 NL game, most people bought in for $300.
eff=effective stack size, also it's always dollar amount, not big blinds.
(July 1st:)

$112 eff
2 limpers, I limp on BTN with 7 :diamond 6 :spade
SB calls, bb checks. Flop is Q :diamond 2 :diamond 7 :club
Checks to guy on my right, he bets $15, I fold... : /

Bb with 108 behind, guy bets $13 and acts like he has a bad hand...UTG+3 Danero bets $13, I fold...
He had AA lol, I found a tell.
Also, Hogan called PF with JT :diamond:diamond ...

Doubled up with QQ
Have $264

I called in Mp with 275 eff, A7 :diamond:diamond after a limper, one more limper SB folds.
Flop AQ2hhd LAG bets $6 I call, turn K, JB bets $13, I fold...???


Fold 96hh from UTG+1

$294 8:16

Two limpers, SB completes 300 eff

I check bb with TT, flop Jx 9x low, SB/I check. /ch and TAG bets 10, SB calls, I fold...

300 eff. 2 limpers guy makes it $12, I fold Q9cc....
He showed QQ's

274 eff one guy has 100. Two limpers, in limp on BTN with 97o

Semi-pro makes it $10 from UTG, I call in MP with 9 :heart 9x, 200 eff.
JB calls on BTN. SB calls
Flop 7 :heart 5 :heart 2x, Semi-Pro checks I bet $35, JB raises to $105, I fold....

$228 at 9:57

$225 at 10:23

Preflop dude in baseball cap makes it 8, I thought this meant low pair. Yet, I called with 22, flop is AK6r, he bets $10, I make it $25 he calls. Turn A he bets, I fold...maybe 66? Lol played bad..

Eff 175

I have J9 :diamond:diamond , LJ folds to me, I make it $6, JB calls on BTN. SB goes all in for $20. I call. JB calls. Flop J :club 3 :diamond 2 :diamond ch/ I bet $30, JB raises all in, I call. I win. :P
he had AJo

381 10:30

Folds around to Semi-pro on BTN, he makes it $10, house man in SB calls, I raise to $35 with KK. Semi-pro folds A8, House man calls with 99.
Flop AQ6 ch/ch turn 4 ch/ch river J ch/ch I win...

House man straddles for $6 I call in SB with TT 5 callers, House man raises $45.... I fold, thinking he raised so much because he probably wants action....
2 callers, flop KJ9r...
He shows KQo another guy had AQ.

400 10:50.
House man straddles 6 on BTN 300 eff. I fold ATcc from SB...

Semi-Pro bets $10 I call with KQo...

One toffee beer at 11:30

$444 at 11:31

439 11:46 6-handed

Played 32 :spade:spade for $10 made my flush and had to fold to a bigger flush...
Guy makes it $10 UTG, houseman calls, I call, BTN calls. Flop A5ss 8h. Nate bets $25 I call, a guy makes it $50. Houseman calls I call. Flush hits on turn Ts. Nate bets $65 I call, old guy calls. River 4c, Nate checks, I check, guy bets, Nate goes all in, I fold.
House guy has AA
guy has Q8 :spade:spade

$305 at 12:15

I make it $6 from UTG 5 handed with QT :heart:heart . One caller, Semi-pro calls SB, Nate goes all in for 30 more. Super light I think. I call, Shane ships it for 130 on top. I put him on a week ace or low pair and I was right. Woohoo, I flopped a T and win. He said he had Ace rag.


  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭

    The notes are decent. Some improvement would come from a brief analysis of betting sizing & range assessment from you opponents and yourself with most hands.
    You can also add proposals on how to potentially take different lines in X spot. This way, when you review your session later you can ponder other lines in that specific spot.

    Hope this helps. :-)
  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,876 -
    Wey wrote:
    Your opinion on my notes, what do I need to do better/different (as far as note taking is concerned)

    If you are going to be serious enough to note hands at the table, then you should do it right with poker hand record sheets.

    These are a great way of noting your poker hands. In my book, Poker Plays You Can Use, I took notes on every VPIP a certain Villain did for like twenty hours. These were quick and easy. Highly recommended.

    These look like iPad notes. Transcribe them cleanly ASAP if you want them to have lasting value.

    Share My Pair has its problems, but I like it.

    I like my hand record sheets because they can be printed and leafed through, organized and sorted in ways that electronic can not.
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    Author Poker Plays You Can Use
    Author Poker Workbook for Math Geeks
  • WeyWey Red Chipper Posts: 19
    Thanks Christian.
    Thanks Doug, I like the article you connected.
    I also like the idea about transcribing them if I want them to have lasting value. I will try to do that.
  • JeJoJeJo Red Chipper Posts: 15 ✭✭

    I find your notes a bit too lyrical maybe :)
    I have just shortcuts for every action, which help me to do real quick notes.
    eg: check is c, call is C, limp is l, and so on.
    Thus you can make way faster notes and not be distracted from the game.

    Whats the purpose of making notes on how your stack had been developing during the session?

    In my opinion there is no better way to archive information about your playerpool on an electronical device. There is infinite capacity and you can access all the information at any time. I also use your sheets on my device (I put all the information in with a stylus) and archive them with all the other information I have about a certain player in a Notebook programm. It's awesome, the only thing is that it takes a bit too long to take those notes. But I remember almost all hands no matter how long ago they where played.
  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,070 -
    Your notes looks decent.

    I think you could shorthand certain give the semi-pro a name so that your notes look cleaner. And I don't think you need to do stack updates (I don't see them adding anything to your post-session analysis)
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