Hand 6: XX on Q87

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The BB has a high resteal percentage but we have a very small sample size for this stat so I don’t think it applies much here. I will open my standard CO range but will prepared to 4-bet with a polarized 4-betting range.

My opening range from the CO would be: AA-22,AKo-A8o,KQo-K9o,QJo-Q9o,JTo-J9o,T9o,AKs-A2s,KQs-K7s,QJs-Q9s,JTs-J8s,T9s-T7s,98s-96s,87s-86s,76s-75s,65s-64s,54s 31.5% open 418 combos

Workbook Questions: Raise A3s, Fold K8o, Raise Q9o

BB has a 3-bet% of 5% which consists of TT+, AQ/AK, and AJs. Against a player with TAGish stats, if I were to 4-bet here it would be with a polarized range as I feel he’s likely to only 5-bet shove with the very top of his range. I will be defending with a lot of hands in position since a lot of flops/runouts won’t be good for his range and I could apply pressure to get him to fold.

My calling range when he 3-bets:
QQ-88,AQo-AJo,KQo,AQs-AJs,KQs-KJs,QJs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s 8% 106 combos

Workbook Questions: AJo 4-bet, TT call, 66 4-bet

Flop: :Qc:8h:7c

Down to 87 combos on the flop. On this board, the 3-betting range that I assigned Villain contains hands strong enough to continue 50% of the time (tp, overpair, sets, FDs). Since he can continue so often, my raising range will not contain any air but rather will be a mixture of made hands and semi-bluffs. Due to him being able to continue so frequently, I am ok with raising my sets as opposed to just flat calling. I’m not concerned about a flush coming in because his range is very tight and with the Qc on the board, he cannot have many flush draws (has a flush draw 3% of the time).

My raising range: QQ,88,AQo,KQo,AQs,KQs,QJs,T9s,87s,AcJc,KcJc,JcTc,9c8c
43 out of 87 combos 49.4%

Workbook Questions: Raising 88, Qx, and clubs

When he jams over the top of my range, I assigned him a shoving range of AA-QQ,AQo,AQs,KQs,AcKc,AcJc.

My calling range: QQ,88,AQo,KQo,AQs,KQs,T9s,87s,AcJc,KcJc,JcTc,9c8c

I need (33.17)/(33.17+71.08) = 31.8% equity to call. With the ranges assigned, I have 43.2% equity so this is a profitable call.

Workbook Questions: Shoving KQ and AQ but folding QJ, Shoving OESD and FD


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    Although resteals% is high for the BB, the sample is not that big so i'll rely much more on Vpip/PFR to give me an estimation of their overall aggression. In fact BB is the less aggressive based on those stats.

    Everybody is full stack so standard range will be the base guideline. I'll open a wide range form the CO.
    If i knew that BTN doesn't defend a lot i would widen my CO opening range.

    Here is my opening range from the CO:

    459 combos for a 34.6% opening.

    I weighted some combos of SC/1GP/2GP and the frequencies on which i'll open those will greatly depend on the BTN tendencies to fight back.

    I open all 3 but as i said previously, the resistance will dictate the frequencies i'll open them.

    V 3bet is 5%. We already stated that the sample was not that big but it can give an idea of the range he will use.
    First thing i take into account is, based on Vpip/PFR, that V dont seem to be a complete brain damaged player and he is OOP so i tend to think that his 5% 3bet range here will be more linear than polarized.

    So given the strong range he got here, i won't 4bet a lot. I'll call with premiums a certain % of the time to have value over what he perceived to be value from his range when he'll Cbet into me. I want some big drawing potential here and i want to cover more board than him, because his range is really narrow and it will be easier to play IP. And i dont want to reduce SPR by 4betting polarized, brick the flop and fold. It seems super weak to me.

    So here is my 3bet calling range:

    215 combos which account for 48% of the previous opening range.

    Again i weighted some hands.

    I call with all 3.

    V Cbet. His Cbet% is 75% and with a narrow range like his, i think the only hand that he wouldn't Cbet here is probably some % of TT and/or JJ and some combos of AK that didn't have backdoor FD.

    So basically in this spot we will give action with a very nuted part of our range since i think he will find plenty of things to call with here that we will dominate or have good to great equity vs.

    So all sets, TPTK+NFD Redraw and 2 pairs. I think that practically everything that Cbet that flop will almost never fold to action. hence the value oriented part of our reraise range.

    Here is my playback range:

    47.25 combos which account for 22% of the previous range.


    Raise 88
    Call Qx
    Raise Clubs

    We already knew that V would fire a strong portion of his range and this board is perfect for him but we have plenty of equity with our playback range here. We got equity over what we would need to call given the pot odds and V shoving range here.

    So i call with this range:

    32.25 combos which account for 68% of the previous range.



    Qx - I only call with the Ace of clubs coming with it.
    Str8 draw - Fold BUT call the straight draw that can redraw for Flush.
    FD - Call.

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    Hi All, this is what I made of it.

    We raise 3x from CO. The players behind join the hand about a quarter of the time. The BB even resteals over 1/5 ott. I normally open about 26% from CO. I don't think I should tighten it because of the deep stack of BB (238BB) and SB (149BB), because I have position on SB and BB. BUT has only 3% resteal and VPIP 25%, so that is in line with my RFI range.


    A3s = Bet
    K8o = Fold
    Q9o = Fold

    CO raise $1.50
    My RFI range:
    26.1% and 346 combo's

    BB 3BET to $4.75
    BB 3BET range (3BET 5% over 366 hands):
    4.98% and 66 combo's
    (Maybe he can go wider here because of his deep stack. But he is out of position, so maybe not a good idea to widen too much.)

    My 3BET calling range:
    9.05% and 120 combo's (34.2% vs BB 3BET range) (My stack is the effective stack size here so its no deep stack pot)

    Fold equity if we make a 3x 4BET: (Pot 6.50 / Need to call 3.25 / My shove 14.25 / equity per hand when called):

    AJo = Call (12.8% equity vs BB 4BET calling range = 61% folds needed)
    TT = Call (25% equity vs BB 4BET calling range = 49% folds needed)
    66 = Call (25% equity vs BB 4BET calling range = 49% folds needed)

    Flop benefits us because of 8 and 7 set potential, flush- and straightdraw potential and 3x more combo's of TP.

    BB Bets $6.50
    BB raising range (FCBi3BP 50%):
    I don't think BB is raising here with: PP below TP, Ace high (AKs and AJs no club/AKo)
    49.2% and 29 combo's

    CO Raise to $21.66
    My raising range:
    88-77,AQo,KQo,QJo,AQs,KQs,QJs,AcJc,AcTc,KcJc,JcTc,Tc9c,9c8c (TP/SET/FD)
    47.5% and 48 combo's

    Fold equity ==> Pot 16.25 / Need to call 6.50 / My shove 21.66 / equity (Range) when called 36% = Villain needs to fold 14% ott. Fold equity per hand:

    88 = Raise (73% equity vs BB 4BET calling range = Always good >50%)
    Qx = Call (24% equity vs BB 4BET calling range = 36% folds needed. Which is not going to happen)
    Clubs = Raise

    BB All-in $108.46
    BB All-in Range:
    AA-QQ,AcKc,AcJc (OP/SET/FD)
    28.8% and 17 combo's

    Pot odds: 33.17/(33.17+37.91+33.17) = 31.8% equity needed to call shove

    CO call $33.17
    My All-in calling range:
    88-77,AQs,AcJc,AcTc,KcJc,JcTc,Tc9c,9c8c (AQs/SET/FD)(53% vs BB All-in range)(Could even keep TP in, still 32% equity)
    14.9% and 15 combo's

    Qx = Fold (23% vs BB All-in range) (Could bluff)
    Straight draws = Fold (30.5% vs BB All-in range)
    Flush draws = Call (42% vs BB All-in range)

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