Mark Hollands Blueprint to SNG

Joshua BJoshua B Red Chipper Posts: 127 ✭✭
Hey guys,

recently signed up to Mark Hollands (SNG PLANET) Blueprint for SNG. Has anyone else gone through his 12 step program or heard much about it. I have read only a small amount of reviews but just his part 1 has got me at +ev over 120 SNGs. Still a small sample I know.


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,082 -
    Never heard of it. Are you enjoying it thus far?
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  • Joshua BJoshua B Red Chipper Posts: 127 ✭✭
    @SplitSuit It has been very informative and have learnt that I had been making plenty of mistakes. I feel more comfortable playing SNG and have a better understanding of the maths. While some things are a little confusing at first, once you complete the blue a lot more makes sense. When halfway through the course i felt a little disappointed as it wasnt explained how important knowing your opponents tenancies are (which I knew) but followed the advice blindly. It was only between parts 2 and 3 that I watch a Jonathon Little video on how you shouldnt follow charts blindly that snapped me out of it. Anyone who hasnt had much experience in poker and reads this i think could be in a world of hurt during these 3 parts. It isnt until Part 4 that Mark explains that we should still be aware of opponent tenancies and that we should be aiming to sprinkle a little of our own style to the game.

    He also encourages we play 6-8 tables at a time to increase our games/hour. While i did try up 8 games, I really struggled with reading opponents and making good decisions. I lost 40 buy ins over these 3 days. Before this and after, I was playing 4 games and was profitable over 250 sng. So for the mean time I will play for and then introduce another to see how i go.

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