Weekday day games vs. night games

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Good evening,

I'm an evening/night/all-night reg, but I've had some time recently to play day games during the week, and it's certainly a different game :).

I know that the best learning is by playing -- and I'll learn on my own playing (and likely continuing to lose, at least initially). With that in mind, any notes, advice, or primers would be welcomed!

Thank you!


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    As for low limits, weekdays, as you would suspect, tend to be a nit fest as opposed to nights when the games more have action.(Foxwoods ECT) Sometimes I go very early am to play against the very sleepy.
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    Yep, there will be lots of tight retired people. You should try to steal a lot of pots when they don't have the nuts and be ready to make big folds when they're acting strong.
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    I usually start after 6 pm- I see lots of 1000+ racks leaving for the night around that time. Recently I saw a guy rack up 2300+ at 1/2 at 6 pm from a room that opens at 1 pm.
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    The tight regs tend to play by rote. They have rules in their heads and play very statically. While it can be just plain nitty, it can also have idiosyncrasies that you can catch that tend to be consistent.

    I remember this one guy in the mornings at Venetian. He would play the same way all the time. Whenever he had a hand he liked, let's say 20%, he would raise to $7 in a $1/2 game. I would call or reraise depending on my cards as normal, but in late position if no one else had called, I would call very wide, and on the button I would call with any 2 cards. He would always c-bet the flop. I would float, and if he didn't hit anything he would give up on the turn, I would bet whatever, and take it down. Not the road to fame and riches like in some crazy games, but a nice steady stack booster.

    You will probably find more patterns that you can count on for the daytime regs than you can for the more random night time crowd, even though the overall play is on average less bad.
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    I agree with Jeffnc above, though I have found in a number of casinos that yes at night some of the easier but more aggressive players come out,,, and this is chum to the sharks. Many of the pro regs I know only play at night for this reason.

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