Hand 18: Am I giving too tight a range to V?

epokertable.netepokertable.net Red Chipper Posts: 25 ✭✭
We are in the CO with :AC::TC: SB calls. SB is on the passive side but has a decent 3Bet range and a higher resteal percentage. Since he just calls we can eliminate the higher end of his range. I gave him a range of 34%, 410 combos:


Workbook questions:
AT: close but call, KQ: close but reraise, Q9s: call

BB calls. He is very passive and a very small 3bet and Squeeze percentage.
I gave him a range of 18%, 222 combos:


Workbook questions:
TT: call, A7s: call, KJs: call


SB leads out. I'm thinking with such a draw heavy board is going to lead with made hands and big draws since he is on the more passive side. I've got his flop donk bet at 58% 238 combos.


Workbook questions:
J9: Bet, Qx: Bet, AhJh: Bet

BB calls: He is folding most cbets and calling the rest. So he isn't raising any draws. He is calling with Qx's, Raising sets and 2 pairs and made hands. Calling with flush draws / straight draws. I have his range at 67% 124 combos:


Workbook questions: QJ: call, QT: Raise, Ah5h: call


BB check calls the turn:
I think this was a good bet as he folds 67% of the turn and we have equity when called. He check raises the turn 3% of the time. So he is check raising the nuts. Since he just check called we can remove his nut hands. I have his range at 79% 68 combos.


Workbook questions:
Workbook questions:
Top pair: Yes, Hearts: Yes, Two pair or better: No, Pair plus draw: Yes


BB donks the river3/4's bet. He donks 11% and CR's river 8%. He wins 50% of the showdowns. I think he donks when he gets there. I have him on a very small range here of 19% 12 combos.


I don't think he is betting straights that much.
Workbook questions:
KT: Check, JT: Check, Flushes: Lead

I'm folding in this situation even with 2 pair against this opponent. Am I playing it too tight?


  • JoskroketJoskroket Red Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    I think folding 2P is fine on this runout and with the action that proceeded. When all the draws get there and there is a lot of action, they usually have it. I would not give a donking range all those draws but instead more value hands because he doesn't want it to be checked around and give away free cards on such a wet board.
  • Brendan RBrendan R Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
    edited December 2017
    Really glad there is a thread for this hand because I really didn't want to type out the ranges that I assigned to these 2 loose passive players haha.

    I found it interesting because I had the SB tighter than you did but the BB looser than you did. SB was 21.6% for 264 combos and BB was 29.6% for 362 combos. Reason is he's very OOP in the SB whereas the BB is closing the action. I agree with you about removing the best hands from SB's range because he does have a pretty normal 3-bet % BUT it's a small sample size. Still I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    BB isn't squeezing very much at all even though this is a prime opportunity to do it. I removed the top 5% or so of hands from his range.

    OTF I don't have SB leading with too many draws at all. Because he seems fishy, I think he's leading here with more made hands. His bet size of half pot on a really coordinated flop further makes me think he's fishy. His sizing even makes me think he may have a more marginal holding.

    I don't think BB has a raising range OTF at all. I have him calling 47.3% of his previous range for 171 combos.

    BB check/calling our turn float is SUPER telling imo. I really don't think he takes this line with straights so we can remove those from his range at this point. I have him taking 65.3% of his range to the river (112 combos).

    The river card is super good for V. When he leads again I think it's super telling. He's a loose-passive player OOP in a multi-way pot (was anyway) who is taking and giving action at the micros. Idt he does this with air almost ever. He's doing it with straights and flushes. That's it. For me that is 23.1% of his previous range for 26 combos.

    This was a good exercise for me because it's surprising to me how many combos loose players will have OTF and turn on a very coordinated board like this. I think it's definitely wise to play tight if loose passives are showing a lot of interest on such a wet flop.
  • obliviusoblivius San FranciscoRed Chipper Posts: 108 ✭✭
    GREAT hand... The flop could NOT be more coord. I also have the BB with way more combos pre. SB should have a fairly tight flatting range and the hand sample is almost nil. The turn makes me crazy because I feel that the BB should x/raise a ton of good draws and even his Top pairs. I know he's folding about 2/1 here.. I'd be looking at a lot more stats on my HUD which we don't have here. Since he flats then donks the riv we're done... easy fold for even 2p. UNLESS we had more stats to make that call closer....

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