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For cash game players I'm wondering how you calculate what a buy in is? I understand you want to play with 10, or 20, or 50, or 100 or whatever number of bi's, but do you use the actual buy in nominal amount or 100BB's? If you switch to a casino that allows you to buy in with a deeper starting stack do you adjust your roll upwards by the same amount?


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    The truth is: Bankroll management is a mental thing.
    How much you've got behind, in your pocket, in your sock drawer or buried under a paving stone.... really comes back to how comfortable are you if someone puts you all in... or how easily can you replace that lost buy-in.
    Some guys can play very well with their entire BR on the table.
    Others play as scared money when they don't have 3 rebuys in their pocket... even though they have a well-paying job on weekdays.

    When you track your play and your results - the answer to this question will become self-evident.
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    Online poker I don't want to reload, so I keep a pretty safe BRM... 20BI is my minimum for any given stakes, and if I hit 20BI for the next level I give moving up a shot with a couple BI.

    Live, I've never had enough to consider a BR, so I am building one.. I actually own my own business so supplementing the BR with some cash is obviously going to happen, but I would eventually like my poker BR to become self-sustaining and self-filling, obviously by becoming a winning player thru help from this site, then all that $ I would be putting into the BR can go to other things.

    I doubt I'll ever be siphoning from my BR until it becomes really large, and I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

    tl:dr, 20BI is 100bb x 20, so at 1/2 it would be $4000 to have a comfortable BR that I don't need to sustain with family money.

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