BB/HR Standard Deviation

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What does SD look like for a live cash game player? In other words, what's a high variance SD and what's a low variance SD?

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    Paging Doug Hull.....
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    all I know is it looks like this:


    but I'm guessing you're asking what's the upside and downside?
    And those numbers I only know from my poker tracker info... so I'd guess it would depend on how often you play, stakes you play and typical win/loss rates.
    This is one of those few times I'd suggest checking out 2+2 for info.
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    SplitSuit wrote: »
    PokerDope says between 60-80bb/100 - and I typically use that range when doing those kinds of calculations.

    I read through the page on PokerBank and I think I can follow along, but the numbers have no meaning/context for me. According to my Bankroll Tracker my hourly across 1-2, 2-5 and PLO is $32.37. My BB/hr is 11.69 and the BB/hr std. dev. is 67.87. My $/hr std. dev. is $142.57.

    I know the lower the number is the lower the variance, but what is "low" relative to this conversation? Is that the range that PokerDope is giving (60-100?)

    Once I have that answer... is this number only a metric of what I experienced or (if the sample size is large enough) could it also be used as a predictor/assessment as far as my style (tight/loose)?

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