Howdy, ladies and gents.

ZachAndTiredZachAndTired Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
Hey everybody. New to the board. Just got the Hand Reading Workbook for Live Players for Christmas and have posted a few of the hands so far, but I'm hoping to get more involved in the conversation than that. I've got a pretty good hourly over about 500 hours of 1/2 NL, but I haven't been playing as much over the past year or so and my game has gotten a little soft. Looking to tighten it up. I live in Boston and usually play at Foxwoods (really looking forward to the Wynn Boston Harbor opening in 2018 though).

Side note: Is there any way to change my username? When I signed up, it somehow just grabbed my first name without giving me an option to choose a username. I don't even go by Zachary, I go by Zach.


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