Bad Turn for 2 Pair

JRthekid32JRthekid32 Red Chipper Posts: 7
25NL Zone on Ignition.

Open in the CO with :Qh :Th to 0.75 . Get called by the button and SB.
Flop :Qd :Ts :8c . I cbet 1.5 and get called by the button and the SB.
Turn :Kh .
I am not sure whether I can bet this turn for value against 2 opponents . When I plug in a range of AJ/J9s (straights), 88/TT (sets), KQ/QT/Q8s/T8s (two pair), AQ (TPTK), KJ/JT/QJ (pair +OESD), our hand has 44% equity. I'm not sure there are too many more hands I can add that they will call with. Although not super likely, its also possibly someone could fold AQ, making a vb even worse. Now some amounts of sets and J9 would raise the flop, but without a FD on board these would get slowplayed a decent amount of the time. I'm not sure I can discount these enough to make a vb profitable. If I add QQ and/or J9o to the villains range, things get even worse for me. Moreover, I don't expect the button to have any bluffs if he bets when checked to, so does that make this a check/fold? Seems crazy weak, but not sure what else to do.

Thanks in advance.


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