Turned set on 3flush

JRthekid32JRthekid32 Red Chipper Posts: 7
Hand is from 50NL on ignition.

UTG opens for 1.5. He starts the hand with 49.25 and I have him covered. Over 25 or so hands he appears to be a TAG with 25/19 or so. Haven't seen anything particularly interesting from him. The CO calls and I call on the button with :Jc :Jh .

Flop is :7d :6s :4d . UTG bets 4.25 into 3.69. The CO folds and I call. I feel like his range for potting this flop into 2 people is quite strong and mainly consists of overpairs, but I think this hand is good enough to call.

Turn is :Jd . He bets 8.75 into 12.19. He has 34.75 behind. Would anyone do anything besides shove? I think too many action killing cards can come on the river to flat here. I'm not sure if there is any merit to doing something like minraising. Also, what would you think of raising a hand like 55 or 88 here as a bluff so we have something in our range besides just sets/flushes?

Thanks in advance.

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