Where should I start?

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Hey everyone, Im very new here and I have your typical newb question with a twist. I have been playing poker for about a year off and on. All online. I play mostly 1$ spin and go at pokerstars. Im a line worker and I work 10 hours a day. So i have about 10 hours a day to watch videos listen to audio books or podcasts and I can read at work but i would prefer audiobook. My skill level is very low I would say ultra beginner. So my question is what videos should I watch ( the more the better ) and any audio books i should start with would be amazing. also is spin and go's a good place to start or should i be playing a different type of game ?? thank you very much.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    I can't speak to spin-n-gos (sine I live in the US and don't have access to them). If you have the time for long sessions I might suggest that you sink your teeth into MTTs (rather than SNG kind of things) and we have an awesome Crash Course built just for that: http://redchippoker.com/mtt-crash-course/
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    The best content I've come across that actually guides a newer player into a deeper comprehension of the game is the book Harrington on Modern Tournament Poker. I like this book a lot, almost like an encyclopedia of everything you need to understand from the beginner-intermediate level.

    I also highly recommend that if you can be on your phone at work and have mobile data to spare, use twitch to watch some very good players stream their MTTs (some do spins occasionally ). Some of these guys are really good, and will actively share their thought processes. I learn a lot this way.
    Some guys I recommend on twitch:

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    welcome @Zeorayf

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