forum suggestion to RCP owners....

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As newer members come on - they often ask the same questions that all new members and new-ish poker players do... why not? You gotta start somewhere to learn. Right?

So I got to thinking... wouldn't it be nice if you could "tag" posts on specific topics to make them really easy to find... like "bankroll", "set mining", "wsop main event", "moving up", "flop falcon" "poker books", "beating Soto", etc.... you get my point.

I've actually spent multiple days diving into old post (when @Ed Miller actually showed up!) and read advice and thoughts from days past... and there's a lot of really good content there!

(Miss you, vegan man! Eat some red meat, get some energy and come join us for some fun!)

If unwilling to create generic "tags" to make older posts easier to find, how 'bout you do something like that other site does and create "best of" where you can quickly find long discussions about topics, issues or even hands such as in what to do with JT on a 7-high board!

If unwilling to do either... how 'bout you modify the search results so it only show a thread ONCE - no matter how many times a word was used?

If unwilling or unable to do that...
umm.... no, I think that's it.
I don't have any more suggestions...
I guess I'm done....



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