NuttedNutterNuttedNutter Red Chipper Posts: 44
HERO EP2 OPEN RANGE: AA-22,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-A9s,A5s-A2s,KQs-K9s,QJs-Q9s,JTs-J9s,T9s-T8s,98s-97s,87s,76s

%FORM: 16.7%

SB BORING TAG DEFEND RANGE: JJ-55,AKo-ATo,KQo-KTo,QJo-QTo,JTo,AQs-ATs,A5s-A2s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s,65s

%FORM: 17.6%

FLOP: :AD::KD::7C:

HERO EQ: 49.942%
VILL EQ: 50.058%

HERO FLOP CBET RANGE: AA-KK,77,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-A9s,A5s-A2s,KQs-K9s,QJs-QTs,JTs,Qd9d,Jd9d,Td9d,Td8d,9d8d,9d7d,8d7d,7d6d


SB BORING TAG CALL FLOP RANGE: AQo-ATo,KQo-KTo,AQs-ATs,A5s-A2s,KQs-KTs,QdJd,QdTd,JdTd,Td9d,9d8d,8d7d,7d6d,6d5d


T: :7S:

HERO EQ: 55.529%
VILL EQ: 44.471%

HERO BET TURN RANGE: AA-KK,77,AKo-AJo,AKs-A9s,A5s-A2s,QdJd,QdTd,Qd9d,JdTd,Jd9d,Td9d,Td8d,9d8d,9d7d,8d7d,7d6d


SB BORING TAG CALL TURN RANGE: AQo-ATo,AQs-ATs,A5s-A2s,QdJd,QdTd,JdTd,Td9d,9d8d,8d7d,7d6d,6d5d


R: :2S:

HERO EQ: 60.301%
VILL EQ: 39.699%

HERO BET RIVER RANGE: AA-KK,77,AKo-AJo,AKs-A9s,A5s-A2s,9d7d,8d7d,7d6d




HERO EQ: 64.250%
VILL EQ: 35.75%


  • simon bsimon b Red Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
    I am surprised that you have him defending ATo KTo QTo JTo QJo, I would have thought most players with any knowledge of preflop ranges would insta muck these hands, I watched splitsuits tutorial video on this hand and he also includes these hands.

    on the flop our ranges seem to perform equally as well but we are deep with a nut advantage as he rarely has AA KK AK so this is quite significant. In splitsuits video on this hand he c-bets 95% but I don't think we can go that wide with this sizing maybe if we bet 1/3rd pot. Maybe we should be checking back some weak Ax hands, I would probably bet a hand like 22d -QQd. KQ is interesting because in normal situations these hands make good checks because they don't want to bet multiple streets and there are few bad turn cards but we could turn it into a blocker bluff as it is very effective as a tripple barrel bluff because it blocks AQ although QQ is a better combo as it has less SDV and its not really improtant to block KK AK as he may not have flatted these preflop but would likely flat AQ, if the turn is a Ten or Jack you can also rep QJ. I am really interested about these 'range advantage' spots because there is no real rational for betting KQ except 'range advantage' but I wonder with two cards to come how important this is.

    on the river I would just be betting Two pair+ for 80 because I want him to call with Ax which makes up most of his range, I would like to see myself overbet my Ax and if I had it KQ QQ JJ although it probably doesn't matter about blockers as he has Ax like 90% and the best hands to over bet would be 88d 66d that block him having 7x, I just don't think many players are going to call off 1.5x here when they can put you on 77 AA KK AK.
  • Mark FlemingMark Fleming Red Chipper Posts: 76 ✭✭
    Hand 37
    Preflop: My opening raise to $10 is only called by the Boring TAG in the SB which leaves me in position. My initial bet from an early position means I am tight-ranged 20% (264) AA-77,AKo-ATo,KQo-KTo,QJo-QTo,JTo,T9o,AKs-A7s,KQs-K8s,QJs-QTs,JTs-J9s,T9s-T8s,98s-97s,87s.

    Villain only calling my small bet when he is deeper stacked, lets me cap his range, it is still a tight range but minus some premium pocket combos. His range turns out to be 19% (252) JJ-66,AJo-A9o,KQo-KTo,QJo-QTo,JTo,AQs-A2s,KQs-K9s,QJs-Q9s,JTs-J9s,T9s-T8s,98s-97s,87s-86s,76s.

    Range equities start 53/47. Since our ranges are similar, it is good to be able to cap his.

    Flop :Ad:Kd:7c
    Range equities favor me 60/40 because I removed some of his aces and kings.

    I am continuing with mostly pairs but not weak pairs, FD, gutshots and bckdr FD, 33% (71) AA-KK,77,AKo-ATo,AKs-A7s,QdJd,QdTd,JdTd,Jd9d,Td9d,Td8d,9d8d,9d7d,8d7d.
    I bet small and I am called, so I start to worry about trips being slow played.

    Boring TAG is continuing with mostly TP, FD, sets and 2P, 35% (74) of previous 77,AJo-A9o,AQs-A2s,QdJd,QdTd,Qd9d,JdTd,Jd9d,Td9d,Td8d,9d8d,9d7d,8d7d,8d6d,7d6d.
    Range equities are 65/35 and since our ranges close there is an 11% tie probability.

    Turn :7s
    Mostly I am continuing with TP, set and 2P but I still have FD possibilities, 100% (68) AA-KK,77,AKo-ATo,AKs-A7s,QdJd,QdTd,JdTd,Jd9d,Td9d,Td8d,9d8d,9d7d,8d7d

    Boring TAG is mostly continuing with TP and FD both of which are capped lower than mine, 100% (71) 77,AJo-A9o,AQs-A2s,QdJd,QdTd,Qd9d,JdTd,Jd9d,Td9d,Td8d,9d8d,9d7d,8d7d,8d6d,7d6d.

    Equities go 60/40

    I bet the turn a bit more aggressively and still the villain just calls. If he had anything wouldn’t he 3B?

    River :2s
    I continue with only TP and above but no SD, 90% (61) AA-KK,77,AKo-ATo,AKs-A7s,9d7d,8d7d

    Villain continues with close to the same range but heavy on TP, 87% (61) 77,AJo-A9o,AQs-A2s,9d7d,8d7d,7d6d.

    Equities remain 60/40

    I bet ¾ pot and get called. Maybe villain is just pot controlling his way through every street with a marginal hand but that is not aggressive, now is it? So what's he up to?
  • bogata XLbogata XL Red Chipper Posts: 29 ✭✭
    My EP2 openraise range
    A8s +
    A4s and A5s
    97s- T8s and J9s

    192 cb

    SB-callrange of a boring TAG

    He will 3b KK, AA, AK and maybe some small suited aces and some medium suited connectors like 87s and 98s

    ATs- AQs

    106 cb

    Both ranges have about the same equity, 50 -50



    As he probably has no AA and KK in his range, neither connectors nor gappers with 7, this board is better for me than for him.

    The equity of my range goes up with 10% to 60%
    Equities are 60 - 40.

    My cbet range 3/4potsize bet
    Sets AA, KK and 77 9cb
    2P with AK 9 cb
    TP Ax 48 cb 38% of my range
    FD 10cb

    76 cb
    49,4% of my prf-range

    MP, PP below TP, WP and GS I exclude from my 3/4cbetrange. These hand I would cbet smaller 50%-65%potsize.

    X-call range from a TAG
    TP 18cb 19%
    FD with QdJd and JdTd 2cb

    20 cb

    I think a TAG will not call pocketpairs that are smaller than TP, because he knows that EP1 has so many Ax in his range.
    I think he will x/raise his set 77, because of the 2tone 2Br flop
    So 77 is no longer in his range.

    Equity of my range is now 51,62%
    His equity 48,38%


    7s He has no 7x in his range.
    I have 77 and some suited 7x in my range

    My range-equity goes up with 8%
    My range 60%
    His range 40%

    My 2ndbarrel-range
    Quad 77 1cb
    FH with AA and KK 6cb
    Trips with 97s, 87s and 76s 3cb
    2P AK 9 cb
    FD only the the FD with J and Q, because he has QJs and JTs FD in his range.
    7 cb

    59 cb

    His xcall range versus 2ndbarrel
    TP with J and Q kicker, I think the lower kickers a TAG will fold. 15cb
    FD with QJs and JTs 2cb

    85% of his floprange

    My equity 78,94%
    His equity 21,06%

    2s = blank, doesn't improve either range. FD busts.
    When he calls a 3rd barrel it is my range with TP+ versus his range with only TP.

    My 3rdbarrel range 2/3 potsize
    Quad 77 1cb
    Trips 3cb
    FH 6cb
    2P 9 cb
    TP only with Qkicker. Jkicker and Tkicker I will check behind
    Busted draws, don't know, I think check behind, he will not fold his TP and if he has also a busted FD, I can still win with higher ranks, or split

    His xcallrange
    TP Qkicker and Jkicker 15 cb
    88,2% of his turnrange

    My equity 84,31%
    His equity 15,69%

    Maybe I have to adapt my 3rdrange according to the 2/3 betsize. Would I bet quads and FH bigger?
    But I have to think from which hands I can get value.
    If I would bet 3/4, would he call with just 1P?

    My Equity progress throughout the streets
    Prf 50%
    On the flop after the actions 51,62%
    On the turn after the actions 78,94%
    On the river after the actions 84,31%
  • Mike DMike D Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
    Can someone please tell me where I can find splitsuits tutorial video on this hand mentioned by simon b above.
  • AP07AP07 Red Chipper Posts: 22 ✭✭
    Mike D wrote: »
    Can someone please tell me where I can find splitsuits tutorial video on this hand mentioned by simon b above.

    I would also love to check this out. Thanks.
  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper, Table Captain Posts: 4,192 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Man, this poor Boring TAG has been getting the S**T kicked out of him for a long time.

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