068 - Introducing Flop Falcon

Listen now to our interview with Doug Hull on his new poker strategy software Flop Falcon. Or, grab a download now and listen along with the program open in front of you!

Either way, we encourage you to eventually head over to this thread where the platform is being discussed. Good luck!
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  • kevinhaggykevinhaggy Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
    I not trying to be negative about this product, I'm pretty sure its great. But, isn't it the same thing as flopzilla and poker ranger? I have flopzilla, but just had a 21 day trial with poker ranger and starting to like it better. So I'm open to new software's, just want to know what I'm buying.
  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,876 -

    https://redchippoker.com/flop-falcon-tutorials/ shows the software in use. This should show you the big additions that Flop Falcon brings.

    http://forum.redchippoker.com/discussion/comment/43426/ mentioned above has this from Split:
    SplitSuit wrote: »

    Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely adore Flopzilla, and I think when both FF and Flopzilla are used together you can see things from a super technical perspective.

    The biggest difference (imo) is this:

    Flopzilla takes a broad stroke/averages look at situations
    Flop Falcon allows you to get more granular.

    The one feature alone that FF has that makes it awesome (imo anyway) is the ability to do hit vs miss breakdowns. So you can say "OK, I'm thinking about calling 65s preflop vs a range of XYZ - how often will we both hit so I can gauge how often I get super paid off?" That measures a hit vs hit (and you can tell the software what constitutes as a 'hit') - but you can also see how often you both miss (are there spots where you can take it away on the flop?) and even go super granular and say "of the times we both hit, what are the normal equity distributions?" The equity distributions displayed in the histogram give a more detailed picture than just the average equity % that every other software outputs...

    There are other features that I dig about Flop Falcon (and I'll make some videos about them in the near future) - but that feature alone allows you to really step back and create your preflop ranges with more precision.

    and I had said:
    Doug Hull wrote: »
    Acesalad wrote: »
    How is it different than Flopzilla?

    Let me start out by saying Flopzilla is great software, every serious poker player should buy a copy.

    The big differences between Flop Falcon and Flopzilla (and Equilab, poker stove, etc...) to me are:

    Filtering by when they hit too

    What good is it to play a speculative hand if they don't hit when you do?

    Flop Falcon allows both ranges to select their "hit requirements" so you know how often you will hit your hand and they hit theirs.

    Break down in equity.

    Flopzilla (and all other analysis software I know of) gives the average equity- a single number.

    Flop Falcon shows the breakdown or spread of that equity in a histogram. There is a big difference between having 50% equity where half the time you have 0% equity and half the time you have 100% equity and having 50% equity where every time you are a coin flip.

    Flop Falcon is showing the difference between "Way ahead or way behind" and "coin flip" where both reduce to "50%" equity when seen as a single number in other software.

    Flop Filtering

    Certain ranges play better on certain flop textures. All of the above analysis can be done on a subset of flop textures. Want to only consider "paired rainbow flops", or "Ace high flops where you don't hit a set" We can do that with Flop Falcon.

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