4bet spot at Borgata 2M GTD

foxxxerfoxxxer Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
edited January 2017 in Tournament Poker Hands
Had the pleasure of sitting next to @Christian Soto for about 10 hands so that was cool, but on to the hand.

Pretty new to the table, seemed much more passive than my previous table.

Blinds are 1000/2000, 300 ante (pot: 6000).

Hero is on the button with 95K and holds :Ah :3h. Folds to HJ, no real read but pretty chatty, who raises to 4,500. CO who covers table, calls. I ask HJ to see his chips, he remarks "that's never good" and it's about 50K,then I raise to 13K.

Folds back to HJ who raises to 28.5K leaving about 24K behind. CO folds. Hero?


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