using the rule of 12 to count combos revisited....



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    Just as an aside: Why does everyone here seem to use Flopzilla? I have it, but I find Power Equilab to be far and away the better software. What am I missing?

    You've peaked my interest. I'm going to check this out.

    Certainly a ton of functionality within this tool. I haven't been able to explore everything, but my first glance is that this can do everything Flopzilla can do plus more.

    I have a free two week trial, should be fun to play around with it.

    How has it been going?

    As for combo's: This is still something I'm wrapping my head around, as well. I can feel myself intuitively picking it up at the tables but it's definitely not clicking as fast as some other concepts have lately. The strange thing is that I naturally "go to" that place in my head when trying to envision range v range during pots so it leads me to believe that combos, and not just simple equity, is where the true keys to hand reading and making decisions lies.
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    Alright, early (late..whatever) this morning I'm seeing what James prefers about Flopzilla. The way the filters, weighting, quickly getting stats on range/hand v boards, etc - is all done brilliantly. I think Scylla needs to get the bugginess out of HoldEQ implementation but there are things I will use Flopzilla for and things I will use Power Equilab for at this point.

    I want to start doing some heavy work on the workbook material contained within the site here and I already know how to go down through each street using filtering just from watching videos here already. Of course, all of this is done using Flopzilla.

    *I also just found a pretty horrid bug in PE when loading stored files/ranges that contain weighting. The program crashes. I notified the support team via the forums but yeah...I had to go over to Flopzilla to work on what I needed to.
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    There's the official thread for Power Equilab. They got right back to me about everything I had asked them and I'm sending them a weighted file so they can analyze and bug fix it. They also have new features in the works and overall, the product is really moving ahead full steam.
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    fing genious! wow

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