All In Call on River... Was it a bad play or just a ball call ????

Jeff ChiassonJeff Chiasson Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
Hello there Red Chip Poker members! My name is Jeff I currently live in Canada
I am new to Red Chip Poker and am very pleased to be apart of this group!
I have bought both the crash course and am pleased with all the videos, podcast and information that is on there. I do appreciate all the lessons. I have currently been playing No Limit poker for about 3 months more competitively Live play in Casino.
I have always known how to play no limit hold'em poker. Just taking it more serious now since I have had some success recently playing. I have currently quit my job for personal and professional reasons and decided to play some poker in the spare time to give it a true serious shot at it. I have a bit of savings in my account and not worried about my expenses for about 3-4 months.


Now lets get to the issue on hand here I have.

I am playing in the casino, live 1/2 no limit hold'em poker.
I have been playing at this table for about 3 hours with the same person I am heads up with.

Pre flop is now heads up between me and another person. I am first to act in the hands.

My hole cards are :Ah:Th

I raise to $15 and he 3 bets me to $30. I then call.

Flop comes :Td:6h:4h

I bet $40, and he raises me to $60. I then 3 bet him to $100. He thinks about it for about 10 seconds and decides to call my 3 bet.
I have a feeling that he must of a high pocket pair with how he has been betting, calling and raising. Due to the time I have spent playing with him this is the hand read I am putting him on.

So I figure I'd stay in it since I have top pair with top kicker, and a flush draw. Knowing he has a over pair.

Turn card comes and it's a :5c . I then bet $50. he raises to $75 and I then proceed to 3 bet him to $150. He makes the call.

It is now a pretty big pot. I still have a bankroll of $400 on the table and he has about $340.

River card comes, :7s

Giving the community board this :Td:6h:4h:5c:7s
Board texture of a open ended straight draw.

So I know based on the previous hands and time spent playing with this individual that he must have an over pair. I then know that he has me beat. But due to the board texture I feel as thought I could out bet him and bluff him off of it.

I then go All In with $400.

He is now stressing out about this play and I can hear him mumble "does he have a set or a straight, or even 2 pair?"

He then decides to flip over his hole cards, (not fold them) Which I was accurate on . Pocket Aces :As:Ad

We both now know that all he has is just 1 pair (aces)
He take about 2 minutes to think about it and says "I am married to my aces regardless of how the board looks" and he then decides to make the CALL.

I then told him good call and he won the hand.
I took it pretty well. I did not get upset or anything.
I am now trying to analyze this play and hand and question if I made the right play or if he just made a stupid lucky call? I can't seem to stop thinking about it. I lost my bank roll of $500 in 3 hours.

He even agreed and said that he made a stupid call and doesn't know why he did just that he is married to his Aces.

I am in complete shock that he even made this call. I am a bit discouraged from this and am not trying to complain but Just feel disengaged from paying poker. I have gone through 2 weeks of bad run of cards and going through a dry spell with Tilt and play. I have just started to bounce back and then this happens.

I'm looking for some insight on this play and feedback or advice is much appreciated and taking seriously.

Thank-you fellow Red Chip members!


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  • PondyPondy Red Chipper Posts: 150 ✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    Hi Jeff,

    Welcome to the forum.

    With regards to the hand: You didn't seem to have stated what the effective stacks were, but if you bet 400 on the river, I assume that he also had at least 400 behind, which means that you were quite deep in this game.

    When I read the post, alarm bells went on. A pre flop min-raise usually means exactly AA with an outside chance of it being KK. But with the price you're getting, a pre flop call seems fine.

    Your donk on the flop is terrible though. What does this accomplish? Will he fold AA there? No. So why do you bet? The fact that he min-raises you just confirms that he has AA. Btw: Are you sure he raised to 60? Where I play, a min-raise would have to be 80. And why do you reraise again? Will he fold AA now to 40 more? I strongly doubt it.

    On the river: Well, overbet bluffing is the only chance you have to win the pot, but I would not be too keen to try to get a player off his Aces. Against a good hand reader I might try this play, but so many people are married to their aces that it is probably not a profitable bluff.

    Note that if you guys had been shorter stacked, you can check-shove the flop. Against AA, you have 11 outs and against KK you have 14 outs. But with your stack depth against an average player, I would play it passively and hope on the implied odds in case a heart or a T comes.
  • kageykagey Red Chipper, KINGOFTAGS Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    Welcome to RCP, Jeff...

    a couple of things:
    your story doesn't make much sense...
    your betting action doesn't make sense in "poker terms"
    everywhere I've played, you have to raise at least 100% of the last bet.
    so if you bet 50, V has to bet to at least 100.
    he can't raise to 75. he can't make it 80. Or even 95. (unless he's all in)
    He MUST raise the minimum of 50 more... to 100.

    now he can raise it 75 more... making it 125.
    but everywhere I've played, he's got to at least double the last raise size.

    next - you've got a great hand, but you're playing a game of chicken against
    a player that you're sure has an overpair.
    don't you want him to fold?
    if you have a "value" hand - wouldn't you charge for more?

    if he bets 75, why are you raising to 150.
    you're BEGGING him to call you.
    at that point, the pot is so huge, your 75 turn raise has no fold equity.

    Plus, if you had a set of Ts and you were afraid of the flush draw - would you really make your raise so small?
    Your min-raises telegraphs the strength of your hand... it looks like you're on a flush draw.

    ultimately - you misread your opponent.
    you put him on a range of hands that he should have - and you were correct.
    but you bluffed a guy who's not smart enough to fold.

    Rule #1 in poker: don't bluff a calling station.
    Rule #2 in poker: we don't talk about bluffing a calling station.

    In the future - try to keep your posts to essential information:
    stack sizes, player positions, table dynamics, bets, cards, etc.

    check out persuadeo's blog on how to best communicate your hand histories to get the most out of this forum.

    hope this helps.


  • Jeff ChiassonJeff Chiasson Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Hello Kagey,

    Thank-you for the warm welcome,

    I do apologize about my original forum post. Yes the raise was double the bet.
    Not sure why I for some reason was putting a raise that was half the bet and not double the bet. probably due to playing to much online poker and got confused. Rookie mistake and tried to edited the post after posting it 30 minutes after but couldn't. My bad.

    I do appreciate the feedback and time you took to give me your opinions.
    I should of slowed it down and thought about my bet sizes.
    Lesson learned.

    I do not want to quit playing as I have had a bit of bad run of cards and want to continue progressing and learning. Most of all, start to make some money!

    I will take the time to read the link you've posted on how to properly communicate hand history.

    And note not to try to bluff someone who is a calling station even someone who is married to aces and doesn't read the board texture at a certain level.

    Thank-you for your input and feedback. much appreciate =)

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