Largay vs. Miller

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I just finished reading Largay's "No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em"; I read Miller's "The Course" shortly after it was published.

Even though mainly geared for a newer player, I LOVED reading Largay's first few chapters. They alone were more than worth the price. But, the rest of his book -- strategy, pre-flop play, post-flop play, etc. -- I found to be simply outdated and far inferior to the strategy recommended by Miller.

At first, I thought that maybe Largay was speaking to a Level 1 strategy and Miller to a Level 2. Reflection more, though, I now think that Largay's recommendations are simply poor given how the game has evolved since Largay wrote his book. Indeed, I think that Largay's recommendations:

1)Teach bad habits;
2) Focus too much on deception without establishing a baseline or norm;
3) Are not reflective of modern play (e.g., flat calling with bottom pair, double barrels, semi-bluff check-raises, etc.); and
4) Becomes just as highly-predictable and exploitative as the the play that he is trying to predict and exploit in his opponents.

I am SURE that his book was revolutionary when it first came out. But, it seems to me that his strategic recommendations will do more harm than good for new players reading this book.



  • EazzyEazzy Red Chipper Posts: 1,018 ✭✭✭✭
    I would agree with you completely...

    Largay's (the first ebook I ever read LOL)..and was probably the first book dealing with live low stake nl I ever read. Like you I loved his beginning...and found his strategy advise not suited to today's games...

    Millers the Course...I actually did not like...but that just because, I found his static preflop ranges very hard to play, and I disagaree with the static part....And for most games his multi way advise to be suicidal (at least for me).. (he must play in much loosergames then I play in)....

    The rest was good, though for me oversimplified, as I already new most of it...mainly because almost all my poker "skils and theory" came from his earlier books. Miller book on hand reading and his book Playing thePlayer allowed me to develop an understanding for the game.

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