Live Tournament Question howto play 35bb/30bbish stack

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Hoi Redchippers,

I have tournament question:

I made it to day2, in a 3 day tournament (50K startstack) where i have to start with 85K, blinds 1200/2400/300. (I dropped from 113K to 85K in the last 1,5hour off day1 and we have a new seatdraw to begin)

I could need some advice how to play with my 35bbstack. For example, its folded to us and on the btn we have to consider our range to open or even limp/call, i dont know.

If we open 3bb and the bb raise to 10bb we have to put almost 1/3 of our stack in the pot. Im just thinking about our equity with 9s8s, Js10s vs AQ AQ, KQ etc.

We can fold and realize 0 Equity..
We can shove and realize FoldEQ against weak Aces or bluffs.
When get called we realize around 30% EQ to double up to the top of a 3bet range.

Equity Winst Split
BU 30.15% 29.95% 0.20% { JTs, T9s, 98s, 87s, 76s }
BB 69.85% 69.64% 0.20% { QQ+, AKs, AKo }

How do we adjust to this? Do we minraise for 2bb so we can call a 3bet to 6bb?
Do we tighten up and just play pocketpairs 88+ and AQ+ hands?
Do we raise it bigger like 4bb and fold to raise? (Or 4bet jam it and hope for the best)

My plan is to avoid early positions with weaker holding, suited connectors and low/midpairs and open somewhat wider on the CO and BTN.

There is not much room to play a hand and get away cheap. So i think its pretty standaard to reshove JJ+ but what do we do with midpairs, etc...they have 20% vs an overpair and 51% against 2 broadwaycards and 35% against AQ+.. should we go for it and jam it preflop?

Thanks for the help

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    Many of these questions depend on who is in the blinds when you're on the button, and what their stack sizes are., more than any one generic strategy. Very small and very big stacks are usually to be avoided in steal situations, for example.

    The 3bet strategy is also very situation dependent (not much a strategy needed vs. someone who only 3bets premiums).

    Also, 2.5x or even 2.25x raises seem to be more popular now than 3x, especially in these late-ish situations.

  • TuffTuff Red Chipper Posts: 148 ✭✭
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    Well i made a mincash after all 800+ players ;-)
    My SSD is faster then your HDD ---

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