Does This Bluff Line Make Sense?

SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 780 ✭✭✭
2-5 live

Villain- $500- PLO player. Hero has played with a few times. Solid player. Opens sold range from all positions. Will float,be sticky. Like most PLO players in our room doesn't mind to get his gamble on

Hero- $700 -Has TAG image with villain and villain has just joined table from a must move table

Villain UTG limps
UTG+1 limps
BU limps
Hero in SB with :As:Jh raises to $40
Villain calls
UTG+1 calls
BU folds
pot $130

Flop; :2c:5s:6d
Hero checks- plan was to go for a CR figuring Villain in UTG would bet much of his range and I wanted to send message early because I will be OOP much of the time to villain and don't want him calling my iso bets or floating my cbets all the time
UTG checks
UTG +1 checks
Plan A fails
Plan B is delay cbet favorable turn cards for $100
Plan C is if low card comes to go for CR again
Plan D is if mid range card comes I will check , evaluate, lean towards surrender

Turn: :Kc Love this card
Hero bets $100
UTG thinks a bit calls
UTG +1 folds
Plan B fails
Plan E is to bet favorable river card for follow thru on bluff. my best guess is villain range is comprised of some underpairs to K he got sticky with and Kx hands he is going to feel vulnerable with. Less likely sets to me as I think I would have heard something by now or AK as I think he would have opened that hand. KQ is a possibilty of the Kx hands, as he might limp call with that I'm guessing

River: :3d I can live with this card for Plan D

Hero bets $275

1. Does this line make sense? I don't normally use this bluff line. I'm a big believer in starting preflop and keep coming on favorable boards and run outs.
2. I capped my hand with the flop check. Is it possible I uncapped my hand with my turn and river bets? i.e. still have AA or KK or QQ in my range?
3. I would normally cbet this flop planning on barreling favorable cards. Does it make any sense to change my play for the reasons I mentioned?

Any and all thoughts appreciated


  • Wiki_LeaksWiki_Leaks Red Chipper Posts: 564 ✭✭✭
    You only cap yourself in this spot if you usually bet your value hands. If youre checking your good overpairs with the intention of check raising then the play is good.

    Keep in mind once he checks back after pfr checks hes usually pretty weak on flop. Once he calls turn he likely has a showdown value pair, backdoor clubs, or 78 for an open ender. His utg limp range shouldnt have much Kx (unless he does a lot of limping from ep)

    Overall i like firing turn and river provided tou tell a similar story with your value.

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