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Hi all! Glad to be here.. been a member and lurker for a while, but hoping to be a bit more active in the coming months and thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself. I'm a software developer by day, trying to stay out of the rain in Seattle. I've been playing poker since ~2001, went pro in 2005-2006 and made a "good enough" wage playing 20/40 LHE in SF-LA-LV, but quit and went back to software to help a friend with a startup. As that ate up more of my time and energy, I drifted from "20 hours a week" to "once a month" player; the final nail in the coffin came when UIGEA dried up the games I had access to.

In the years since, I’ve played the odd weekend evening at Seattle area card rooms, maybe once a month (with the occasional binge of, gasp! back-to-back weekends!) The live game was shifting from my speciality, LHE and O8 to NLHE and while I’d played NLHE as a tournament player, I wasn’t playing enough as a recreational player to really make the jump, skill-wise. I stuck to the 1/3 game and toddled along, playing essentially break even poker 2010-2015 (seriously.. I'm up $32 for that time period.. across 150 hours) - I was totally a tourist! :D

Fast forward to 2015, where I’d started playing more regularly, and rediscovered the pleasure and joy the game holds for me. Being a naturally competitive person, I couldn’t stand being a fish, so I resolved to get back to at LEAST a “talented amateur” level of play.

So far, so good! I logged ~200 hours in 2016 and 7x'd my starting bankroll. Sure, it's a small sample size, but an hourly rate that is "better than working at Subway" is pretty damn good ROI for what is essentially a "serious hobby", not to mention the intellectual returns from applying myself and working at the game again.

I recently wrote up my 2016 post mortem and my 2017 goals (if you're curious) and am looking forward to giving back a little around here. As a female 2+2'er who hid behind a male avatar/posting name for years because of the quite frankly toxic and shitty culture, I gotta say coming back to the online poker community was daunting. Ya'll have been pretty amazing, though, classy and approachable, honest and open, supportive of each other while not being afraid to say "I disagree!" You've got something special here, guys -- let's keep it awesome!


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