Hi, I'm Chris Stevenson!

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Hi Redchipers, I'm Chris Stevenson.

I got into cards when I was young 5-10 years old (with family). They taught me five card draw, stud, and seven card as well. I also learned a few more games that my grandpa passed on to me, one called airplane, and another railroad which were very fun games to me at my age. They never new how to play the game on ESPN though. No-Limit Texas Hold'em.

About 6-8 months ago I started watching the game again. I'm 19 years old now. I picked up on how the cards were dealt out who goes first in betting and just really ABC parts to the game. I went on youtube to find strategy videos and find skills that I could pick up to get good at this game. A few months went by and with basic fundamentals of how to play I started going to the casino here and there and getting into games on the weekends when I could make money. I did pretty well in the beginning of my weekend casino runs. Minimum buy-in's getting lucky catching cards left and right. I've been playing 1/2 NL.

Getting into the game it felt like I had an edge and was already on a heater haha. I started going on weeknights too and that's when I realized that my edge wasn't so great against grinders. My plan was to play all weekend and make enough money to play almost everyday of the week and still have money by the next weekend. I was losing buy-in's left and right during week mornings and week nights. I was the fish in that aquarium of grinders.

I realized that quickly and started to make a point to myself that I'd only play weekends every night and play one weekday just to get to grips with what these grinders were doing in this game. They're polarizing ranges, raising pre-flop, flop, turn, or river, which ever creates more fold equity. It's not bad to learn skills from these people but if I'm losing buy-in's all the time it's just not worth it.

I said okay, I'll stick to the weekends when the wait lists are 30+ people long and opponents have tells written all over their faces because that's when I could win. I found Redchippoker recently and have studied so many skills and things will change very soon for me and hopefully everyone else using redchippoker as well.

I'm now creating a bankroll which I wasn't doing before and I have a chance to start a poker career from scratch with a fresh new bankroll. No longer a recreational player but become something better. I'll still stick to the weekends because that's when the softest seat is available for me. If anyone is at the same point in time where you are making your bankroll now and will be ready by summer this year lets meet up and play cards.

Quoting chipXtractor on youtube and a redchipper as well. Community is very important to this game.

I'm live in South Florida and am looking to learn about the game much more in depth once I acquire my bankroll. Get into contact with me soon when you're bankroll is ready or if you already have one and need to recruit someone to the group let me know! I'll be ready to play with a bankroll once I get back from my job in late June 2017. Stoked for the grinding season to begin for me Hope everyone is enjoying redchippoker.com

Check out redchippoker.com Interactive determined training coaches from all realms of poker helping you to become a better player!

Thank you all coaches for bringing my skill level thus far with the importance of a bankroll!


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