What's the best 2nd-hand story you've heard at the table?

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Over the weekend I was at my local casino and there was a rumor going around that the BBJ ($700k) at the other local casino would've hit, but the guy who flopped quads put out a pot-sized bet of $30 on the flop and scared the would be bad beater off. They tipped the dealer to look at the run off and "it would've hit."

Not that I would bet that this story is true, but it seems true enough to pass along in banter at the tables.


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    DISCLAIMER : Long story but great story.

    This story take place at the Bellagio around 10 years ago. It involves a fellow french Canadian great player that was crushing the game in the golden era that goes by the nickname of Phil_Le_Dingue (made his money on Party) and his real name is Philippe Boucher. He also won a bracelets at the 2011 WSOP Europe in PLO 6max.

    (this is my best transcription of the story from french to english, sorry for the grammar errors.)

    Table 50-100 with an 200 ante on the BB. Seat1 is Patrick Bruel, seat 2 and 3 are fish in the game and seat 3 is very loose and bluffy. Seat 4 is the brother of nestegg1(good online player at the time) and have 250K in front of him (at the time of the story, Phil didn't knew him but now we know it was Dan Bilzerian) by connecting the dots. All other players are in for 20 to 40K. The rich Kid(bilzerian) play too much hands, around 80%. He seems to play good post and seems to know how to play even though everybody knows that he is bluffing too much. At this point i don't know if i have to put him the etiquette of a good player or only a guy that try to bust seat 3.

    I am seat 5 with around 35K. Seat 6 just sat down and seems to be a loose fishy guy also. He already showed a big bluff. Seat 7, 8 and 9 are nits that all seems to be regs in the game. Seat 7 and 9 are stuck each for ~25K.

    Seat 4 raise to 400$ and i call with 78s, BTN call and seat 2 3Bet to 1200$ total and everybody call.
    POT 5K
    :Ks :Qd :3c

    Surprisingly BB check . I put him then on 20% KK QQ that slow play or a hand like JJ TT who doesn't like the flop. Surprisingly Mr.Bluffy check also. I check also because the chance of taking this pot vs. 3 players at this moment are very low.


    BB check again, and now i clearly think that he didn't slowplay anymore and again seat 4 check. At this very moment i said to myself that i had to take a stab at the pot. I bet 3K. The nit fold and after tanking a bit says to me "It's because it's you" and fold.(he would have called seat 4 obviously if the bet was coming from him) and this where it gets interesting.

    Seat 4 look at his chips. I said to myself "He probably got a middle pair and he'S gonna call. I won't bluff river if he call". But surprisingly, he splash the pot, throwing two 5K chips in front of him. WTF ?? This raise doesn't really make sense. He would have bet all his good hands and he wouldn't have give a free card into 3 players, i'm pretty sure. So now i put him on a bluff but i'm not totally sure. He seems to respect my game and i said to myself, if i call, he will probably check the river if his on a bluff or push me all-in if he got a 555 type hand. I elect to call.
    POT ~25K

    He tank a bit than put a 25K chips into the pot announcing 14K. I found that bet really weird because he would have just pushed me all-in with a good hand. I really still think his on a bluff and he want to save 5K if i decide to call. I have to act quickly and don't tank too much and i decided to go with my read even though it could seem completely stupid. I announce all-in quickly, pushing his 14K + my 5K with nothing. The pot is now 58K, he look at his cards, shout FUCK ! and throw his cards face up int he middle of the table. The dealer takes the cards and i show him my bluff. Seeing my cards, is kinda panicked and say "I never folded i can still call !" and ask the dealer "WTF did you mucked my cards !?" and takes back again his cards from muck. NOW i'm flippin, if he can take back his cards i loose a near 60K pot, WTF, he folded, he had Ace high.

    Nobody at the table can think that i was bluffing 5K more into such a big pot and even him knows that. He only have this reaction because he got owned like a little lamb. Peoples gather around the table, they call the floor manager and there is around 100 peoples around the table saying "wow ! wtf 8 high !?". Bilzerian still argue but everybody at the table including the dealer still think he had folded. Anyway his cards were in the muck.

    But he don't want to understand, and keep repeating the same thing, that it was only 4K(it was 5K) to call and that he only had put his cards in front of him. All this keep going on for about 45 minutes and more peoples gathered around the table. Peoples explain to the new comers what happened and peoples start to come at me saying "You're sick i hope you'll win". Finally we both goes into the security chamber and watch the video of the hand with 2 supervisors. During the time we wait for the video, he still argue that he only had to call 4K and so on...the floor explain to him that the strategy side of things doesn't change anything, there is rules. He folded but doest want to accept it.

    Watching the video for the first time, it's now clearly obvious, he did folded ! The 2 supervisors announced to him that i was the winner. He still doesn't want to accept it and finally he decided to call the "Casino Police" to settle this thing. It's kind of The Gaming Commition of Vegas or something like it. They take the pot(53K) and put it asides telling us to go back play until the commission arrives. The only problem is that i only have 5K now. We play a bit and finally i go back to the cashier i buy-in for 30K. This happened 2 hours ago and there is still a lot of peoples around the table at that time. Nobodies is really playing. Bilzerian still argue and everybody are fed up with him. He even proposed me to chop 50/50 !!! Finally after 3 hours the commission arrived. They start to interview him in a office for 30 minutes. Than they called me. 2 agents showed me their badges and asked for ID. They gave me a paper and asked to wrote my declaration. They started by saying, "I don't know if you know, but he's contesting that he's winning the pot. We decided to give it to you since he folded" SHIP IT !

    Sign here and congratulation.

    Finally i came back to table with the big smile and the pot into a rack. Bilzerian don't even look at me. Everybody asked than i showed the the pile of 5K chips and the 25K chips, everybody smiled at me. Finally, 4 hours later !
    I sat and Bilzerian changed seat to have position on me lol. He 3 bet me first hand. I played a couple more than finally sat out.

    Phew...Easy Game.

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    I'll keep this short. At my local casino, there was a bad beat jackpot of about $600k. One night, a guy had lost a few hands and was very shortstacked. He limped folded several hands in a row, and was left with $6 in his stack (not going to get into this issue). Anyway, he limps, and miraculously, he goes heads up against the BB. Each player hits quads, and they get all in for the $6--making the pot $13. Unfortunately, the BBJ requires $20 in the pot! So, there wasn't a payout. How much would this suck? Especially since this guy had limped folded several hands in a row. Ouch.
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    @Adam Wheeler histoire incroyable! What kind of crowd do you roll with, man? I realize now that was from his point of view? Do you still play with him?

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    I never played with him. I know him through an old French Canadian poker forum. That is where I read the story the first time. He is kind of the godfather of online poker in Québec for us younger frenchies.
  • JonasJonas Red Chipper Posts: 160 ✭✭
    I never played with him. I know him through an old French Canadian poker forum. That is where I read the story the first time. He is kind of the godfather of online poker in Québec for us younger frenchies.

    Ah okay. Cool. Where does Elky fit on the "Poker Legends of France" ?

    @bigburge10 Dang, that sucks. That is why you always make sure you have enough for the BBJ! Always!
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    I'm from Canada not France ;)
  • JonasJonas Red Chipper Posts: 160 ✭✭
    I'm from Canada not France ;)

    Well you said "younger frenchies", haha. My apologies.
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    Yeah...well english portion of Canada calls us that way. Or Frogs :)
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    Yeah...well english portion of Canada calls us that way. Or Frogs :)

    The Nerve! Unless you like frogs. What do you guys call them?

    To contribute, "best" story I heard was from this old guy who used to be a poker dealer at the Commerce back when it was all stud (or draw. decades before the holdem boom). He had a lot of stories even with some of the OMC regs there but this one was the most interesting:

    He was playing Limit Holdem somewhere in the midwest in a home gamish type setting in a bar.

    Everyone's in for a few grand. I forgot the limits but it had a 500 bet cap.

    He wakes up with Kings so he raises. And it goes fold fold fold fold call fold call call call. Customers!

    Flop is Kxx. Some broadway I think. So he bets. then it's raise call call call. Woah. So he Raises. and it goes call call call call. ?

    Turn gives him a boat. So he bets. raise raise call call. He raises. call call call call. ?!?

    River: K. So he has quads. He Bets. raise raise raise raise. Bingo, so he raises. and at this point it's at that $500 cap so it's a bunch of $500 bets until they're all all in. And before he flips his card, the guy on his right says "Dammit. you've got 4 kings."

    So he's thinking "how does he-...oh shit" It was a team. Juicing the pot for their anchor who had the small boat.

    He played a few more hands just to not tip that he knows and left with $10K+

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