Bad preflop 3bet call

alejandro galejandro g Red Chipper Posts: 13 ✭✭
So bare with me guys this is the first hand I ever post.
I have a really loose reputation at the game I play at. I tend to 3bet often from any position depending on the reads I have of my opponents. My image is wild but I pick my spots and definitely know how to apply the breaks when needed. Ok so here's the hand.
  • My stack is at around 550 and the V stack is around 525. He just sat at our table and this was his third hand. Another player who was to my immediate right had already warned him about my loose play. The blinds are 2/3.
I'am utg and open to 15 with :7d :7s guy in mp calls and V raises to 55
  • Folds to me. Now my inital impression of this V was that he was a tight solid player who wouldn't get out of line. I look up at him and he was very relaxed and he gave me an honest smile. Nothing forced. I knew he had a big hand and wasn't just coming after me. I elect to call. Is this a mistake being as we are not that deep and I'am oop? At the time I felt it was but also felt like if I flopped a set our stacks would be in the middle at least by the turn.
125 Flop :Tc :7c :3h
  • I check he bets out 100 and I c/r all in. He snap calls and flips over :As :Ad
My happiness lasted about a second as the turn card was an Ace. GG
  • So is this preflop 3bet call oop fishy? How deep do I have to be to make this call pf oop? And could I have called the 100 bet on flop and seen a turn and evaluate after Ace hits? It was a hand I put him on after all. Who am I kidding I'm never folding a set. Lol Thanks


  • kerrizorkerrizor Red Chipper Posts: 70 ✭✭
    Where do you think 77 falls in your range of 3-bet calls? What would you 4-bet with here?

    Me, I'd probably fold 77 in this spot (especially to a 4x raise) even if 9:1 is good for set mining. OOP, I dunno if I can get it all in reliably enough to justify (I feel like you have to deduct 0.5-1.0 "streets of value" when you're OOP, but that's just a feeling not a rule)

    As played, I go broke here, too. I c/r the flop because I'm guessing my opponent with big pairs and Axc call. You lose value from non- :CLUB: Ax hands, though.. Its pretty polarizing to draws and sets; in Villain's shoes, I'd put 89 in your range as well.

    Sizing on the c/r is hard.. pot is $210, you have $375 effective.. I want to read the argument for calling, as that seems interesting, too. You're just so far ahead and there isn't that big a SPR here there really isn't any way to not get it in by the river, is there?
  • MonadMonad Red Chipper Posts: 1,004 ✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2017
    Fold this pre unless your plan revolves around stealing post -- which is hard to do vs an unknown who appears to have a premium hand. Even against a narrow range implied odds are usually not what they appear. Putting in 10-15% of your stack pre hoping to flop a set is a "long-term mathematical disaster" according to Poker High Priest Ed Miller. You're aiming for about 15-20 to 1 odds or so.
  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 772 ✭✭✭
    Always call if reasonably confident villain will stack off with an overpair, no matter what. With an SPR around 5 you actually stand a better chance of that happening

    That said, villains like that can be hard to find especially when hero OOP. You found one

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