Pot sized donk bets

Napoleon54Napoleon54 Red Chipper Posts: 26
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Generally speaking I have read and found that flop donk bets tend to be weak top pairs and draws. I haven't really had anyone argue this point. I have made plenty of money raising these bets with ATC. However, I have really only ever done so when the donk bet was 1/2 pot or less (unless I have a real hand of course). Sometimes, however, we see pot sized, or nearly so, donk bets. My feeling is that these are usually top pair hands and I have not observed players willing to donk bet pot and then be willing to fold. As a result, my feeling is that a pot sized donk is top pair that the person is willing to call at least 2 streets. Is that what y'all have experienced? Am I giving pot sized donks too much respect?


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