Merchandising suggestion: card guard

RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,490 ✭✭✭✭✭
Last night I was out playing poker; a good night: never thought it would be so many people on Tuesday night, plus I made a neat +280BB :)
I was thinking about @Doug Hull (I listened to Podcast 71 How I Made $12K at $1/$2 in 300 Hours recently). Then I remembered he said (maybe in another podcast/video?) that he always welcomes redchippers and have fun with them as it adds an interesting dynamic to the game. In a video of him, we can see he wears a RCP T-Shirt too.

I would like to show that I'm a RCP, maybe find some friends when playing in a casino. I know the merchandising you're proposing ( But I don't feel comfortable wearing a RCP T-Shirt, for example because it could impact how other players play against me. Mug and water bottle don't fit my need.

I then thought: which widely accepted on/around poker table but subtle object could it be? A card guard would do the job, like a red shiny red chip like your logo.

This could be an idea. What do you think about it? Or maybe this was already discussed and rejected?


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