Middle position....?

Christopher SChristopher S Red Chipper Posts: 53 ✭✭
What is the best style to play in middle position. I've got the range figured out but what if a want to price out later positions and keep maybe the SB, BB, or UTG in order to give me the advantage of being the last to act. If I can price out later positions from entering the hand pre-flop that pretty much makes me the button post flop.

The ideal situation would be to have UTG raise and then I pick up a strong hand or 3-bet lightly already paving the way to my plan of taking over the button for this particular hand. Does anyone disagree or think that this wouldn't be a great line? I might plan to use this line because I'm working on middle position this week and I think a small % of the time when UTG raises a 3-bet from middle position would give me a great profit margin if I price out all later positions, and I will see the flop in position and most of the time (player dependent) I should be up against a strong hand from the UTG raiser so a wider range may be necessary to counter my opponent's range.

I heard in a recent study someone conducted that the highest % of your profit comes from late positions. The next most profitable position is early. [b[/b]]The least % of your profit comes from middle positions.[/b] I'm sure there must be a way around the scientific conclusion of that study. Just need to think outside the box. Any further ideas of the concept of middle position?


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