What they don't know won't hurt you

joesizejoesize Red Chipper Posts: 126 ✭✭
Don't show! Doug Hull uses one of the "temptations" from his video as an example in his recent discussion of one-sentence poker revelations: "It is OK to fold AK pre-flop to a 3-bet."
Sweet Temptations has probably saved me a lot of chips, and I will continue to follow all of the advice in the video. I almost never show a hand unnecessarily. Yesterday I did. I folded AK to a 3-bet, and turned the cards up. It caused a minor riot- "You're kidding!" "I would never..." "Tell me you didn't!", etc. I realize, now, that showing was a bad idea, because I'll probably get 3-bet more often by the players at that table. It was kind of funny, though. They just found it incredible.

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