Aggression CC

keith ckeith c Red Chipper Posts: 142 ✭✭
Love the new video Aggression CC, after viewing the Live 1/2 CC and The Course, I started getting more aggressive at the tables. And the benefits you reap. wow. I actually did an experiment last night on a 1/2. After feeling the table out a bit, I decided to turn up the aggression to 11, and started stacking. After I was +400 I decided to slow down and play 'softer', I saw a drain of about 175$ I kicked the aggression back on and in about 40 minutes was +500 overall. I drained a pot of 55$ with 9/3 off after raising preflop on a A73 flop three betting. Guy showed 10 10 when he folded. There is no lie in this series, you become 'table captain' and have the reads right, sometimes, the cards don't even matter. Great stuff.

LOVE the videos, podcasts, advice/mentoring ! Keep it up guys!


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