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I have a question on how to play from Blinds when Fish (player with about VPIP: 28-35; PFR: 17-25; CBet: 50-60) Raises preflop from any position. I did look some up and their RFI almost same from any position. I am more interested when villain is loose fish passive or aggresive, not in TAG/LAG players.
I had hands like :A? :Q? from Blinds and few times did 3Bet and few times did call. Villains either folded preflop or on Flop/Turn.
How do I do my off the field preparation for these situations to maximize my profit?
How do I create my OR (open range) and include some bluff hands? Would depolarize range work better here as it gives me better post flop chance?
Sometimes there callers in between, how does that effect my decision?
If I do 3Bet and Villain 4Bets (not all in but on a smaller side), what ranges do I use to go ALLIN or Call or Fold (outside of bluffs)? Example: 132BB effective stacks: Villain makes it 5.5BB, Hero makes it 18BB, Villain 4Bets it and makes it total 32 BB and it leaves 100BB behind.


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    I could do a whole lesson on your topic.

    I'll say this, in general you are going to want to use a slightly wider on the topside polarized range from the blinds when 3betting.

    However facing an EP open AQ is a call from the BB.
    *But it is okay to squeeze sometimes when there is a through caller.

    Thing is, you have incentive to call often from the BB given the discount you are given. Given you will be calling at a higher frequency is the reason why you want to use the poled range.

    Unsure if by open range you meant 3bet range? Anyway, as a 3bet OOP- I think TT+/AQs+/KQs+ for value and 56s type hands etc for bluffs will do.

    But this depends on your opponent type.
    I would 3bet 56s versus old man coffee and KQs versus myself.

    Hope this helps- this topic gets very in depth so I tried to make it as short as possible.

    Also, when you get 4bet, but being laid that kind of a price, you can't fold. That's way too weak. However, in general live players don't 4bet often enough for you to defend
  • rjevskiyrjevskiy Red Chipper Posts: 90 ✭✭
    Thank you Christian
    My question was for online play full ring up to 50NL. I am unsure how to approach bad players (high VPIP: 30+, PFR: 18+) here and when it is more advantage for me to call or raise from SB or BB. They unpredictable and sometimes wake up with AA and their 4Bet usually All In.
    Also, you mention to use polarize range and I was under impression that depolarazed range is better these ays as people call too much and you need some kind of a hand to win post flop
    Would love to see video on this topic specially

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