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JonasJonas Red Chipper Posts: 160 ✭✭
Any chippers in Indiana have recommendations on a good casino to play this weekend?

Im about equidistant from the horseshoe (not Hammond) and belterra. Would one would be worth a 1.5xHR drive?


  • joesizejoesize Red Chipper Posts: 110 ✭✭

    Belterra used to have a couple of tables going, but now it is a total zero. The Horseshoe in Elizabeth, IN is where I play, and there is usually pretty good action there.
    The tournaments there have shrunk to the size of a typical home game, sometimes only one or two tables, but I only play the 1/2 NLHE games. Most of the time there will be a limit game going. Another thing that has become a regular game is 1/2 with a mandatory straddle. What is interesting about that game is that they don't change the minimum buy-in, even though the stakes are really 1/2/5. Than means that if you wanted to short stack it, you could buy in for $100, and be playing for 20BB. I tried that a couple of times, but really didn't have the patience for it.
    There is one condition at the Horseshoe right now that makes playing there difficult. They are trying to use up some old decks of cards that, I’m told by one of the dealers, they found in the vault. The cards have tiny designs that can’t be seen by the players in the end seats. You now have players standing up and leaning over the table to try to make out the board cards, and others calling out the cards to them, players cursing, etc. It’s been pretty chaotic since they put those cards into play. Each table will have one of those decks and one regular deck, so that every other hand is miserable. I’ve heard that there were only 125 of the decks, so we’re hoping things will eventually get back to normal. In the meantime, though, you can try to seat change around to seat 4, 5, or 6, where it is less difficult.
  • JonasJonas Red Chipper Posts: 160 ✭✭
    Woah. Sounds interesting. Like old school cards where it just has the pictures of the suits or just a small number next to the suit or something. Thanks for the info! Yeah horseshoe eliz looks good from PokerAtlas point of view but I wanted a second opinion.

    I was thinking of trying the tournament then playing cash after.

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