I'm sure some pros are already doing this ...

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... but an interesting look at a chess phenomenon that is probably already being applied to poker, or at least could bleed over more significantly in the future.



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    Ritalin/Adderal seemed to have been around tournaments for as long as I recall. DNegs mentioned how his diet is high in foods that have neuro benefits on some stream. In 2007ish, Gatorade had a Tiger Woods brand with L-Theanine labeled Focus or my college standby energy drink was the blue Amp with L-Theanine(also labeled focus) were typical drinks at the table for me. Even a placebo could probably 'help' just believing that you should be more focused after taking said placebo

    If there even is a supposed edge, it's likely being implemented by some people on the felt
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    more than a few online pros use adderall, and my drug of choice is good coffee :)

    The big problem/question from that study is how the authors viewed time in the context of chess. They say: "The researchers write that their findings suggest “neuro-enhancers do not enhance the quality of thinking and decision-making per time unit,” but the drugs “can improve the players’ ability or willingness to spend more time on a decision and hence to perform more thorough calculations.”

    But when they say 16% increase in performance that was after eliminating the games players lost on time! They don't seem to consider or control for the strong possibility that in the games lost on time, they players had tougher positions that required extra time.

    As is typical the media takes one study and tries to report it like scientific fact when one study is only a piece of the puzzle
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    LSD microdosing?
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    LSD microdosing?

    Hunter S. Thompson Poker

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