Overheard this at the table...

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A 40 year old guy sits down at the table. He just moved over from a 1/2 game into a 2/5 game. He was pretty quiet for the first 30 minutes or so--in terms of talking. However, he played 100% of hands dealt to him, and managed to make it to the river is nearly all of them.

Then, someone stirs up a conversation with him. Not exactly sure what they were talking about, but his response was interesting....

"Yeah, the players at the 1/2 will call anything. I like playing at 2/5 more because the players are better."

I mean, he actually said that while he was limping in from UTG with J6o.

Does he even hear himself? Obviously, I didn't say anything, he was a great addition to the table, and his chips were welcomed to my stack with open arms. I hope those "1/2 players" keep calling him down.


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