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DrTriciaDrTricia RCP Coach Posts: 190 ✭✭
Hey Everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that fellow RCP Coach Gareth "Gazellig" James and I have released a new podcast where each of us takes a turn answering common questions - we do a strategy one and a mental game one in each episode.




Got a question you want us to answer? Post them here or send them to us on twitter! I'm @DrTriciaCardner and he is @gazelligpoker

Dr. Tricia


  • GazelligGazellig RCP Coach Posts: 74 ✭✭
    Hi guys. We're up to Episode 20 now so I thought I'd give this a bump. We've covered a multitude of topics so far:

    1. Anger Management and AQs
    2. Downswings and Tilt
    3. Effective Study and Playing a 20bb Stack
    4. Table Talk and Shortstack Adjustments
    5. Pre-Game Warmup and Final Table Spot
    6. Discipline and Late Registration
    7. Obnoxious Opponents and Stacksize Awareness
    8. Focus and Defending Your Big Blind
    9. Bad Habits And Rebuy Strategy
    10. Dr Cardner's WSOP Experience So Far
    11. WSOP Update and Relationships
    12. Positive Reactions to an Aggressive Small Blind
    13. Achieve More Goals and Flop More Straights
    14. Setting Goals and 15-25bb Range Construction
    15. Financial Freedom and River Bet Sizing
    16. Maintaining Your A-Game and Cashout Strategy
    17. Bad Beats, Downswings and Bounty Strategy
    18. Deliberate Practice
    19. Dealing With Pressure and Calling 3-Bet Jams
    20. Why Common Sense Is Not So Common

    If you have any mental game or tournament strategy questions, let us know.

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