Ways to practice NL Texas Holdem Individually??

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Hey everyone! I am wondering what the best ways to practice NL Texas Holdem are, outside of playing. I am wondering if there are any work-sheets or programs or just ways to practice individually with a deck. I mostly am looking for ways to improve my numbers game in terms of implied and pot odds as well as counting outs. I have been teaching myself via youtube and articles but if anyone is aware of any resources that focus on this kind of help I would really appreciate that, or any ways that you practice individually. On top of that I was wondering if anyone is aware of any data base of poker moves with explanations on how and when to use them. Thank you so much for helping a new player out!


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    For beginners learning to get a feel for the game, I suggest Poker Genius. It's a poker simulator (HoldEm) where you can play against some fairly decent bots to practice your game. It also lets you define custom tournament structures, which I found to be its most valuable feature, so you can try different strategies and work on adjustments of play as you progress through the various stages. If you play in a lot of sit and go or fast -structured MTTs, it's pretty good for practice. The bots are not strong enough to accurately simulate the opponents you'll face in bigger buy-in tournaments or most cash games above the lowest limits, though. Another nice feature is that you can customize the playing style of different bots, so you can design tables with a mix of loose, tight, aggro etc. players.

    Poker Genius has the look and feel of an online poker site, so the interface is similar to what you'd find there. It can be used as a game, to just play for fun, but if can also be used to build up you fundamental poker skills, such as hand reading, etc.
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    For hand reading practice, I would suggest the "Live Workbook" (and the 6max Live Workbook).

    To play against bots, you have PokerSnowie and APT (http://www.advancedpokertraining.com)

    If you want to practice about outs, pot odds, ranges, alternative lines, etc., you can also read the posted hands on the forum and do the exercises for these. (Good for you, and for the one looking for feedback :) )
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    For me it was Ace poker coach , you can play with your opponents AI to match the type of player you would like to beat.
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    When I first started playing live, long commute to a casino, I developed a number of drills to improve my game. I could do at home.

    First was watching videos, as though I was playing the hand. A 4 table play video....turn the sound off, just look at table 1, every hand, think what would I do, stop video often. Then play video again just listening for hands at table 1. Reapeat for the other tables. Makes a 45 minut video into a major study and fun project.

    I then and still do, watch videos with a goal in mind. For me it was hand reading and adjustments against player types. I made long lists of notes for just these 2 topics.

    As I got into hand reading and combo counting....I began to develop a model
    Though any model will do, I found that using flopzilla to generate flops, jotting down how many combos big hands , bluff catchers, draws was an excellent way to improve my game. I did this for about 1/2 an hour every day that I was not playing poker. Made a big improvement for my feel of the game, and my modeling (approach) to hand reading.

    Similarly if you don't have flozilla, you can do this by just dealing out 3 cards..and thinking against a reg what are the top pair + hands...2nd pair type hand, and draws.....jot down a few of the hands in each catergory....do it against other player types...you will be amazed at how it improves the poker mind set.

    Fiannly I did/ and still do though less often....work out the poker math in many hand situation. Go to a forum like this one. Look at hands work out what odds they need to call with. Use Equilab to see if the range you think they would have meets this criteria. Is that range really good. Work out the math to decide if shoving AK 200 deep over a $10 raise and 2 callres is better then 3 betting. Do the tedious math for decisions like this. Re do it with different assumptions...

    This really forced me to do the math behind the game, and force me to start making assumption about how my opponents played. It was tedious but it gave me a much better feel for the game.
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    Definitely @SplitSuit 's Poker Workbook. This will be the best $60 you ever spend on poker. Also, becoming a Pro member of this site is invaluable. No, I'm not being paid to say that--just a very satisfied customer.
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    This might be up your alley (and it's well-timed =) )

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