Im not sure weather I did everything correct here

uncleB118rusuncleB118rus Red Chipper Posts: 33 ✭✭
here is the hand
info BB(main Villain):
21/15 over 213 hands
3bet- 8,9, Fvs3bet - 80
FvsSteal - 64
FvsFlop Cbet - 20
20/17 over 137 hands
ATS - 28
Fvs3bet - 0
FlopCbet - 38 (over 13 samples)

Thought process:
on a flop Im not donking ,cuz I was calling on preflop with QJ in order to dominate some of BTNs stealing range and checking with intention to call his Cbet (Im not sure whether I was right at that point, cuz his Cbet is low, but on the other hand its a small sample size, please correct me if Im wrong. ) So I check and BB bets for 1/2 pot, BTN folds - and Im deciding what to do. My thoughts: Board is coordinated, wet. BBs preflop flatting range is pretty weak, so mostly on this board he is gonna have either a draw or some kinda middle pair, plus the fact that he is donking also tells me that he has something on the middle. And I decide to get maximum value from his middleish draw or pair kinda whatever, so I raise him and get a call. 5 on a turn - save card for me. And I decide to bet again for 1/2 pot. He folds.
1. Should I be donking on a flop instead of raising?
2. Were my read and action on flop correct? If not, please explain what are the reasons why pple donk in spots like these.
3. If I would face a shove from him - should I call him or not?
4. If he would call me on turn(pot would be 2.20 with me having 1 behind) what is my action on river vs him would be if:
a) safe card comes like 3h for example)
b) scarry card comes like any dimond, A, 9, K?
Im kinda lost, confused, so any thoughts would be much apreciated! Thank you guys!


  • SliverOverlordSliverOverlord Red Chipper Posts: 324 ✭✭✭
    1) When looking at both of the villain's stats, I would be aiming for a checkcall on the flop or a donk. a 38% cbet stat from button means you can't really count on him to make that flop bet, and both villains are on the passive side. By check raising here, I think you're overplaying your hand, and while villain may call with worse Qx or other sorts of hands, For the most part, you're folding out a majority of the range you want him to have (air, lower PP, 2nd pair, draws)

    That being said, I prefer a fold preflop because QJo isn't really such a great hand to take postflop, or worry about getting squeezed by some aggressive BBs. Against more passive opponents like these I like have initiative in the hand.

    Another note here, preflop you said you were calling because you wanted to dominate a portion of Button's steal range. The hands you dominate are JT, J9, J8, QT, Q9, Q8, and a good portion of those hands are probably not in a 28% ATS range. If you can rely on him stealing with JT, J9, QT, and Q9, then you will be dominated just as often as you dominate him, by the Kx and Ax hands.

    2) In order to get a good read on villain, I dont think you should be using the play pool tendancies to decide what a donk means, but look at his Donk stats and see how often it comes. Donk could mean anywhere from draw to 2nd pair to 2 pair in heads up pots. In mulitway, It could mean wider.

    3) Most likely no. Hes on the passive side so i'd lean toward giving credit to his aggressive plays and folding out the lower parts of my range. If you call QJo out of the SB, youll likely have TT, QT, 44, J9d, all of which would be better stack off hands, without info on villain's stackoff range.

    4) If the card is not a diamond, I'd like a checkcall line, to induce from his missed diamonds (if you think they get this far). If it is a diamond, probably better to check fold, if you think he will only make it here with diamonds, sets and 2 pair. This would definitely be a tough spot, which is why I would lean toward folding preflop and not having to make tough out of position plays post with a weak TP
  • uncleB118rusuncleB118rus Red Chipper Posts: 33 ✭✭
    @SliverOverlord, Thank you for the great explanation! Now I see that main mistake was preflop that leaded me to that confusion - definately should put some work on that and on other aspects. So what range would you flat preflop in that situation?
  • SliverOverlordSliverOverlord Red Chipper Posts: 324 ✭✭✭
    Deciding on a flatting range from any position is very situational. My blind defense mainly consists of defending the BB with a wide range (dependent on late position steal frequencies) and mostly 3bet or fold from SB. In this very specific situation I wouldn't want a flat range from the SB because the BB looks a little 3bet happy.

    I just noticed in the hand that you're playing a 40bb stack. With a short stack and being OOP, I've found that trying to always be the preflop aggressor and being IP is very important.
  • uncleB118rusuncleB118rus Red Chipper Posts: 33 ✭✭
    Ok - got you! Thank you for a deep explanation one more time!

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