Was shoving the right thing to do?

Daniel ADaniel A Red Chipper Posts: 14
edited April 2017 in Online Poker Hands
Hero: $12.21 effective on Button - :7S::7C:
Action folds to hero, open for .30, BB calls, $7.31 effective.

BB is loose and making continuous questionable preflop calls and raises. Wide wide range.

Pot $.65

Pot comes :2d: :8h: :7d:

BB bets $.62
Hero raises to $1.24
BB re-raises to $4.34
Hero shoves for $11.91

BB calls and shows :TH::6D:

Turn :QD:

River :4S:

Hero wins pot.

My concern here is should I have shoved post flop? Perhaps I should have called the $4.34 and then played out from there? Had I just called, the pot would have been $9.30, leaving me with $7.50.



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