Hand #3

BlayoBlayo Red Chipper Posts: 46
In this 1/2 hand we're in MP1(UTG+3) and we open for 10. There's a LAG on the button as well so we're opening slightly tighter.

Our range is 12.7% (168 combos) and consists of 55-AA, KJs^, KQo^, QJs^, A10o^, A9s^, J10s. Is this too nitty? Should we be opening all PPs and all suited Ax? Either way, this is our range.

Solid tag calls behind and unknown in BB Flop yields :8s:8c:2C:

Checks to us and we Cbet for 2/3 pot $20. I'm not sure if I did this correctly in flopzilla but I wanted to choose to bet Ace high hands with a club in them and I used the suits below the matrix but I don't if it worked the way I wanted it to. Looks like we're cbetting 80% of range on this flop. (108 combos). Again, may have done that incorrectly.

55-AA, :AC: x, 89s, 78s, flush draws.

We're betting overpairs for value.
Betting under pairs to get over cards to fold, denying equity.
Flush draws for the same reason as underpairs, that and we can make a flush.
AK: Only betting those with a club.

Turn brings :Ts:
BB donks for 40, just over 1/2 pot, and we shove for 200. 160 more into 150.

This is where I could use some insight. (If i missed something important for either preflop or flop please let me know.) Should we shoving all overpairs? It's kinda weird that this person is leading out on this turn. :TC: : :Xc: makes sense, I suppose maybe he's trying to charge my flush draws when holding an 8 or smaller pair. Is it a random Tx that decided to float the flop? In real time I'm not sure what, if anything, that I'd shove here. Probably would be afraid of "the monster under the bed". Help me out here with a thought process. Maybe somethings to run through flopzilla.

Just to answer the question, and I'm not sure we'd actually do this live and 100% of the time, we decide to shove all flush draws (almost all include overcards). We're doing this to put pressure on smaller pairs that might be trying to get tricky and any Tx hands that paired on the turn, we also do this to shut down any opposing flush draws he might have. They'd be getting less than 2:1.

Maybe half the time we're calling the 40 with plans to call off brick rivers. It's a weird spot and I'm definitely not sure what I'd do live with AA in this spot. He's an unknown so we don't know if he's always doing this with pair plus FD.

As always, this paragraph was spit out of my head full of run on sentences and what not. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  • Blade76Blade76 Red Chipper Posts: 29 ✭✭
    Hi! I´m reading the book right now. So at this hand i´m also a little bit unsure on the turn. I would also call the most hands i think i´m only shoving the 8s most of the time (A8-98)
  • kenaceskenaces Red Chipper Posts: 1,576 ✭✭✭✭
    not sure i follow all? you don't include 98s and 78s in preflop range and then include them on flop? I don't get why we have to CB 80% of the time on the this flop 3-way in the middle?

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