Not being aggressive enough, or just being cautious...?

Daniel ADaniel A Red Chipper Posts: 14
(7.55) MP+1 Raise .30
(10.42) HERO CO Call .30 - :KS: :TS:
(29.95) BB Call - .20

Flop :6C: :3H: :TH:
BB Check
MP+1 Bet .45
H Calls .45
BB Calls .45

Turn :7C:
BB Check
MP+1 Bet 1.09
H Calls 1.09
BB Calls 1.09

River :5D:
Check down

Win 5.57


  • moishetreatsmoishetreats Red Chipper Posts: 1,819 ✭✭✭✭
    Absent a strong read, I'd do the same thing. You have a good showdown value hand. The only hands that likely call a river bet (if not raise you) are ones that beat you, and hands that you beat most likely fold.

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